9 chapters · 6 hours 55 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio English

Skills You’ll Learn

Analyzing Mixes Correctly

Learn how to troubleshoot, reference, and pinpoint areas in your demo that require work - and how to improve on them.

Using Audio Effects

Harness a wide range of plugins to quickly add color and depth to any area of a song.

Introductory Mastering & Mixing

Understand the principles behind mixing and mastering, and developing good production habits across all levels of competency.

Sample Selection

Learn how to filter, choose, and manipulate audio samples to fit every situation.

Creative Flourishes

In a well-established mix, learn how to add sparkle and sonic color through the use of creative effects (grain delays, distortion, re-sampling).

Making Banging Drums

Learn how to create a drum group that is transient, well-compressed, and interesting - across various electronic music genres.

Class Summary

Learn creative strategies to elevate a rough demo to the next level. Techniques include various mastering strategies, song structure, creative sampling, and sound design techniques in every genre to make a track sound fuller and ready for release.

This Class Is For

This class is for intermediate-level producers that have a grasp of basic production techniques. Ideal participants have no trouble producing rough demos, but require ideas on how to perfect a track in the realms of mixing, mastering, and sample selection.

Class Takeaway

Throughout this course, students will learn several tricks across the spectrum of recording, mixing, and mastering electronic / pop music.





Hey! I’m MYRNE.

I have been in the production and performance world for over 10 years, with releases on Ultra Music, Monstercat, Universal Music, and many more. I have done remixes for artists such as Martin Garrix, Lauv, San Holo, Becky Hill, and have done co-production + collaboration work for artists such as RL Grime, Gentle Bones, Manila Killa, and many more. My samples have also been featured in a TWICE song!









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