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iPad and ClipstuDio
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1-8 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Line art with pose

  • illustration of a person with a pose

  • Full body figure illustration incorporating motifs

  • Situation-aware illustrations

  • illustration of a person with background

A digital illustration course where you draw characters that are somewhat ephemeral and have an unknown atmosphere. Let's draw an ideal one-shot picture of ourselves

In this classI'll teach you how to draw illustrations of people with a soft and ephemeral mood.

Do you feel that it's hard to draw your ideal picture, or that it's difficult to complete a picture to the end?

In this course, I will lower the overall saturation and draw illustrations of neutral people with a somewhat ephemeral and nuanced atmosphere, conscious of delicate colors.

Wouldn't you like to create an illustration with an ephemeral atmosphere, pale colors, and a calm impression? After taking the course, you will be able to create your own illustrations in line with the theme of this class.

Beginners are also welcome! A course that teaches everything from the basics to application of human illustration

This class allows students to learn the basics, intermediate levels, and applications of human illustration. At the beginning, you'll be asked to draw a person, bust up, and finally draw a full-body illustration of a person using a background. I hope it helps those who want to get better at drawing, who want to draw illustrations with transparent colors, and who want to draw neutral boys. In particular, the characteristics of color are often shown in my paintings, so you can learn more about color making.

By drawing human illustrations one by one according to a curriculum divided into basic, intermediate, and applied, the goal is to ultimately complete your ideal one-piece picture.

[Basics] Learn basic ways to draw a human body and complete characters with simple poses

First, you'll learn the basic knowledge necessary for character illustration. Let's learn the skills to draw a bust-up person illustration, from how to draw a human body, how to draw a creature, how to draw a face, and how to draw hair.

Once you get used to how to draw bust ups, the next step is drawing illustrations of people with poses. How to draw crease marks by thinking about poses, how to draw hands, and even paint colors. In the basics, we aim to level up the basic knowledge and skills necessary for drawing character illustrations.

[Intermediate] Learn how to draw full-body character illustrations and how to use transparent color schemes

Now that I've gotten used to drawing character illustrations to a certain extent, I'm going to try full-body character illustration next. I will think about character designs and give lectures on compositions that make illustrations look more attractive.

Composition isn't the only thing that brings out the appeal of an illustration. You can also find and draw a motif you like, and create a transparent atmosphere by thinking about the balance of color schemes. By learning how to create transparent, pale colors, and how to add wrinkles and shadows to clothes, your illustration skills will improve dramatically.

[Application] Completion of an unknown person illustration that is also aware of the background

In application, I will complete a “character illustration with background,” which can be said to be the culmination of what I learned in this class. In order to draw an illustration with an ephemeral mood, I'll first look for a few motifs and teach you how to combine them. I'll learn how to easily draw a stylish background, and I'll also teach you how to make light colors that can be used for finishing.

If you learn tips for blending people into the background and how to paint colors with light in mind, you should be able to complete the ideal picture you think of until the end!



(current) Illustrator

An illustrator from Osaka. Graduated from the Kyoto Seika University character design course. Mainly created neutral character illustrations with themes of annuit and ephemerality.

■Nijisanji Vtuber “Levi Elifa” character design

■Published in SEASON 2019

■Solo exhibition at cafe “LATTEST” in Omotesando

■Village Vanguard x Nana Woakari goods design

■Apparel design, others

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly.

A. Nice to meet you, I'm Kiruta, an illustrator. I like to draw neutral boys who are ephemeral. My favorite things are cats and reptiles.

Q. What led you to start 2000, teacher?

A. I loved drawing pictures even before I was able to remember, and I used to draw pictures if I only had paper. Once I know about illustration posting sites, I want to try drawing illustrations digitally myself! I began to think that, and I was asked to buy pen tabs when I was in elementary school. Since then, I have continued to draw pictures digitally in middle and high school.

Q. Why did CLASS101 offer online classes?

A. I don't think there are many opportunities to learn about digital illustration outside of vocational schools. I've been thinking about how I can make use of my drawing skills for people who want to improve their drawing, and CLASS101 called out to me. If it's online, you can do it at your own time and pace, so I thought it was the perfect service for people to learn illustration, so I decided to start a class.

Q. What points did you put the most effort into planning your classes? Who would you recommend this class to?

A. I think it would be nice if it would be helpful for those who want to draw illustrations of people, who draw on a regular basis but don't finish them as expected, and who want to learn specialized knowledge. This class is especially recommended for those who want to learn stylish, calm, pale, and transparent colors.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A. I hope you can expand the range of illustrations you draw by being able to do techniques that you haven't been able to do until now. Also, I want them to enjoy learning it.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. If you want to try drawing light-colored illustrations, want to learn digital illustration know-how, or want to rank up your current skills, you'll definitely be able to acquire skills you haven't been able to do until now by taking this class! I will do my best so that everyone can enjoy creating illustrations while learning!





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