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클래스101강의와 유튜브 채널 영상, 무슨 차이가 있을까요?

▶ What's the difference between class 101 lectures and YouTube channel videos?

“Because it's a job I like even if I don't have money”

Aren't you comforting yourself?

I saw a lot of friends who took on the dream of being an illustrator while teaching over a thousand students at university. 'Unstable income'... I liked it, but it was the reason I had no choice but to give up.

What you need is a strategy.

After a few outsourced jobs, I dreamed of becoming a freelancer

Have you experienced a declining bank balance?

If you're lucky enough to receive more than your salary a few times, “Now I need to be a freelancer too!” I throw a resignation. However, it is difficult for that “luck” to last more than a few months. I miss the salary of a warm company. So... are you going home?

클래스101 X 디고디원찬 강의에 모두 담았습니다.

▶ I included all of them in the Class 101 X Digodi Wonchan lecture.

One and a half years after opening an illustration account

All artwork work in the Samsung Smartphone Experience Zone!

I'm not just going to use words to catch clouds. I will only explain the facts that I actually experienced and felt.

디고디원찬_유튜브 구독자 댓글

▶ Digodi Wonchan _ YouTube subscriber comments

① quote

Open collaboration prices and quotations

I'll tell you all about how much you get and how much you should get.

② Contract

How to write a proper contract that doesn't work

This is' my 'content. But why are they still being dragged around as Eul? Write a contract that works in your favor.

③ Communication

Tips for coordination of opinions in the event of a dispute

The work is done by people. Everything can't be perfect. I'll show you how to coordinate opinions and discuss the law, and what to do if a dispute arises.

④ Revenue pipeline

Collaboration, exhibition, production/sale of goods, outsourcing, etc.

There are more ways to monetize content than you might think. Yes, and as freelancers, we need to know how to 'do it yourself'. I'll let you know, me!

⑤ File provided

Contracts, quotations, and a list of commercial printing houses

Contracts, quotations, price lists, specifications (purchase orders), transaction statements, a list of manufacturing companies that directly trade... all treasured materials and files are provided. All you have to do is take it and use it.

강의 파일 제공 리스트

▶ Lecture file supply list

A designer who listens to designers' concerns

<Digodi Wonchan >

크리에이터 소개

“Isn't this another illustration class?”

It's not. This class doesn't teach you how to draw an illustration.

“How to make money with illustrations” is the purpose and goal of this course.



DgoD wonchan

DgoD wonchan

We are striving for a better creative industry and creators so that we can be happy with the work we love, for a day when the value of creation is properly recognized.

This is Digodi Wonchan, a designer who listens to the designer's concerns 🤞🏻

📌 Collaboration

  • 2022, Hyundai Motor Zero One collaboration.
  • In 2021, Lotte Department Store City Goods Busan collaborated.
  • 2020, Samsung Electronics collaborated on the Galaxy Note 20 Online Experience Zone.
  • 2020, Hyundai Premium Outlet Space1 collaboration.
  • 2020, Tinder promotion collaboration.
  • 2020, Han Dong-geun collaborated on a digital single.

📌 History

  • 2013-present, Adjunct Professor, Digital Media Design, Keewon University of the Arts.
  • 2013-Present, Creative Director/CEO, Minimalist
  • From 2015 to present, he operates the YouTube Digodi Wonchan channel.
  • 2019-2019. Outpatient lecturer. Hanseong University Handiwon.
  • 2013-2013, Finalist, K-Design: Design Survival (aired by MBC Queen).
  • 2011-2012, Art Director/Senior Designer, The Dignity Project, Melbourne, Australia.

We have conducted brand consulting and design for many celebrities including Samsung, LG, CJ, SK, Kolon, AOMG, Sidus, Cube Entertainment, and Park Jae Bum

디고디원찬 DgoD Design

디고디원찬 DgoD Design

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