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“Those who know China control money” China's investment strategy


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Skills You’ll Learn

What is the economy of China, which is 97 times larger than Korea?

I can properly understand China, which is close but so huge that I don't understand it

The world's factory, China? Becoming a consumer powerhouse

'Made in China'? It shows the reality that China dominates the global economy as the largest consumer of luxury goods

Who is the winner in the US-China supremacy race?

The intensifying US-China technology competition, from semiconductors to tariffs and exchange rates... What will happen to the US-China conflict in the future?

Where is Korea's popular strategy...

In the midst of the US-China conflict, we will provide answers to Korea's popular strategy, diplomacy, and what is needed for the economy

Class introduction

It is a country that takes less time to travel from Gimpo Airport to Beijing than from Yeouido to Bundang on a rainy day, but as the saying goes, “It's dark under the lamp,” we are vulnerable to knowledge and information about China. Ability () is eyesight ()It's. China can see as much as you know and earn as much as you see. Whether you're doing business in China or making a financial investment, learn the basic knowledge and information you must know about China in this class!

Course effect

  • You can understand the history and economy of China through the geography of a country that is 97 times larger than Korea.
  • The “poor country” that buys the most “Benz S Class” in the world You can soberly assess China's purchasing power and consumer market.
  • How should Korea's mass strategy go in an era of competition for technological supremacyYou can get answers to the questions.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to start a business in China
  • Those who are thinking about investing in China
  • Those who want to study in China

What makes this class special

❶ Extensive global economic data on China

Objectively analyzed 'China Investment Strategy'

If you are looking for information related to China in Korea, most of the information is Kadera. However, the 500 graphs used in this class's “5 chapters and 20 lessons” reflect the most recent data as much as possible, as well as the Chinese government and global economic institutions Objective analysis based on vast amounts of dataI did it. Rather than arguing over pro-Chinese vs. anti-Chinese, Chinese crisis theory, and China's collapse theory Studying the tricks of rising giants and formulating implementation plans will be much more helpful in investing and making my own money.

❷ “Best Chinese expert” with economic theory, market analysis, and investment strategy

Jeon Byung-seo, director of the China Institute of Economics and Finance, who is Korea's first-generation 'star analyst' and a mythical figure in the 'IT field' It is still a legend for “securities men” who made a name for themselves as the head of Daewoo Securities and Hanwha Securities Research Center. Director Jeon Byung-seo, who more accurately analyzes the Chinese economy than anyone else and forecasts it from a global economic perspective Bringing Chinese financial investment know-how to this class from the perspective of a keen investment expert I put it in

▲ A conversation with Chairman Mark Farber

❸ What is the future of the raging global trade war, the “US-China War”?

From raw materials to semiconductors and batteries, the global trade war cannot be looked ahead. In particular, as the US-China trade conflict intensifies, the future of the Korean economy is becoming more uncertain. In a world where there are no more friends in front of the interests of one's own country, and only the “path of self-study” remains, the principle of “free trade” collapses and “protectionism” becomes stronger, I'm worried about what will happen to Korea's economy. In the midst of this, investors will suggest the direction of investment along with the economic flow on how to do it.



Hallo I'm Jeon Byeong-seo, the director of the China Institute of Economics and Finance


China became a “consumer powerhouse” in the world's factories


China is more capitalist than a marketist country


China's political risks threatening the economy


What about the US-China technological supremacy conflict, South Korea?


Seek investment opportunities on the continent in times of crisis


Congratulations on your stubbornness


Dragon Hunter

Dragon Hunter

Hallo I'm Jeon Byung-seo, director of the China Economic and Financial Research Institute. I worked as an analyst and IB banker in Yeouido Financial District for 25 years. From a financier to an analyst in the semiconductor and IT industry, I studied the IT industry in the US, Japan, and Korea, and worked as an IB. I was the first in the Korean IB industry to start China research and the listing of Chinese companies in Korea, and was in charge of shipping finance in China and real estate investment in China.

He received a master's degree in business administration from Tsinghua University Graduate School in Beijing, the political capital of China, and a master's and doctorate degree in business administration from Fudan University Graduate School in Shanghai, the capital of economics. Currently, I am the director of the China Institute of Economics and Finance, and I am lecturing on Chinese economic theory, Chinese financial theory, Chinese stock market theory, and Chinese business cases.

  • Present) Director of China Institute of Economics and Finance
  • before Invited Research Fellow, China Shanghai Economic Finance Center
  • before Managing Director of Daewoo Securities
  • before Managing Director of Hanwha Securities
  • before Senior Research Fellow, Daewoo Economic Research Institute

📽 TV appearances

KBS R<Economic Show>, <Choi Management's Strongest Sisa>, <Park Jong-hoon's Economic Restriction> and Economic TV and <Sampro TV>, <Sin Saimdang >, <8.15TV> YouTube, etc.

📚 Books

≪China's Technological Innovation Strategy in the Era of Technological Supremacy: 2021"

≪Industry trends penetrating the flow of money 2020:2020 ≫

≪Xi Jinping's New Era - Talking about Chinese Politics, Diplomacy, Economy, and Culture:2018≫

≪China's 100-year dream, Korea's 10-year wealth: 2016≫

≪2020 China Report:2016≫

≪China's Great Transition, Korea's Waiting Opportunity:2015≫

“Korea's New Country Theory is in China: 2014"

“China 5 years later: 2012”

≪The birth of China as a financial powerhouse: 2010≫

“China Financial Industry Map: 2011” etc.






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