8 chapters · 4 hours 41 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

144,000 YouTube Newbuild TV Interior Know-How

Good value for money interior that you can brag about doing well

The most important interior tips from a rich man in Songdo

The choice of the moment determines the value of 'interior finishing materials'

Finishing the interior work order in Hankyu

If you just follow this path, it's easy to decorate for yourself or directly managed, right?

Class introduction

Why do we feel afraid before we even start decorating? It's a matter of course, but I don't know much about it. I'm anxious and afraid because I don't know. If you want to do the interior yourself or plan to do the interior design directly, you should definitely take this class!

This is because if you start without knowing much about interiors, it is difficult to make the right choice, and you don't know if the company is doing the construction properly at a reasonable cost. All the information you need to know about finishing materials, step-by-step construction processes, and the latest interior trends has been properly created by extracting only the extract.

Experience firsthand the interior magic that helps you sell quickly at a high price while the real estate transaction cliff phenomenon is intensifying these days!

Course effect

  • Since you can learn everything from basic finishing materials to the entire construction process, you can feel confident about the interior and not be afraid.
  • Great interiors are possible that can increase the value of a property at a reasonable price.

Recommended target

  • Those who need to do the interior decoration of my house soon
  • Those who have interior plans not right now, but soon
  • People who are interested in everyday interiors
  • Person preparing an interior for rent

Pre-course notes

  • This class was created based on the 2022 interior market.

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Today's hottest interior trends selected by 14.4 people on YouTube

I've done all the interior work, but why doesn't tea fly? That's because they didn't have a pretty interior that would sell well at a high price. Even if you change the interior well, you can improve your quality of life, and you can sell it the fastest among many sales, and you can save on that opportunity cost.

14.4 million YouTube Newbuild TV Learn all about interiors that enhance the value of real estate, taught by Nam Kyung-yeop, Yonsei University's Master of Space Design! As much as I spent money, I'll tell you about the interior now.

❷ A wonderful interior process that anyone can easily learn

What should I start with when designing my own home? Have you selected a directly-managed interior company? Have you had a consultation? Nothing complicated. One shot, one kill! We will tell you everything from interior A to Z from one to ten, from basic commonly used interior finishing materials, essential materials, step-by-step construction procedures, material costs, and construction costs. It's not difficult! We'll let you know so anyone can do it!

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Songdo millionaire

Songdo millionaire

Hello, I'm 14.4 million interior YouTube Newbuild TV Songdo rich people.

[CEO history]

  • Yonsei University Master of Space Design

  • Real estate interiors that sell well even if house prices are rise/ Author

  • Financial Trends 2019/ Co-authored

[Major career]

  • Present) CEO of Newbuild Co., Ltd.

  • Present) Vice President of I&C Partners Co., Ltd.

  • Present) Director of Korea Association of Housing and Urban Cooperatives

  • Former) Special Adviser to the Ministry of Employment and Labor

  • Former) Interior Planner Lecturer at Kookmin Pension Corporation

  • Former) Joined Samsung Bussan Construction Division

  • Former) Held in the housing division of Kolon E&C

[Teaching career]

  • Korea Economy, Weekly Dong-A, Real Estate 114 column contribution

  • Attended Konkuk University Future Knowledge Education Center

  • Attended Kookmin Pension Corporation Prudent Year Academy

  • Attended a space directing course at Yongsan-gu Lifelong Education Center

  • Attended the Songpa-gu Self-Help Center Homecare Business Group training course

  • Attended Shinsegae, Lotte, and AK Plaza Cultural Center



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