3 chapters · 3 hours 14 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Draw a Full Illustration with a Unique Perspective of the World

Learn everything from ideation to finishing touches, through the working process of professional artists.

How to Organize Colors Using Color Charts

Learn how to create a captivating illustration.

How to Finish an Illustration and How to “Maintain” it

Learn how to maintain your drawing by going through trials and errors and making an artwork that you're satisfied with.

Learn How to Build the Mindset and Working Process From Famous Illustrators to Develop the View as an Artist

Learn the actual working process of NAKAKI PANTZ, an illustrator well-known for her unique view of the world and captivating character design. You will be provided with unedited clips of NAKAKI PANTZ's drawing process.

How do you create a colorful and stylish illustration which eventually leaves a distinct impression? How do you draw a line that has the best of both digital and analog art?

In this class, I will show you the secret of creating mesmerizing works like the ones by well-known illustrators. Don't miss the opportunity to discover your style of art.

Class Takeaways

  • A unique view of the world
  • A line drawing skill that will make your art look strong yet stylish
  • A drawing pro-tip from illustrator NAKAKI PANTZ

This Class Is For

  • Those who want to start illustration in earnest
  • Those who are looking for their own style of art
  • Those who want to know the working process of a popular illustrator

About This Class

In this class, you will look into the actual working process of a famous creator.

Have fun learning how to use the devices and software programs for illustration such as iPad, Apple Pencil, and Clip studio. Run don't walk! Plenty of tips are waiting for you.

3 Reasons Why This Class Is So Special

① You can see the actual working process of popular illustrators

This class is also a documentary program that consists of working scenes from illustrator NAKAKI PANTZ's day of creating a new piece of art. Find out the way she composes the elements and arranges the color to understand the essence of her unique view of the world.

② Inspiring passion for art and fine details

NAKAKI PANTZ's artwork, which may look unbridled and free at first glance, is actually interspersed with the finest details and carefullyf ormed with lines and colors. What is the difference between works that attract viewers and ones that doesn't? You may be able to find hidden answers throughout the class.

③ Tips on how to maintain the joy while drawing in your own way and increasing your motivation to create

Struggling to find your taste in art? NAKAKI PANTZ will tell you how to get over such problems. Check out all three chapters full of useful tips and advice from the artist.






NAKAKI PANTZ is noted to illustrators as a “strong, cute, and proud” woman. She is involved in many creative projects for various fashion brands, advertisements, MV illustrations, etc.

Below is the first collection of her work “CHERISH” released in October 2022.





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