10 chapters · 5 hours 20 minutes
English · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Afrodance basics

Let's learn body balance and basic skills to properly enjoy afro dance

Various styles of afro dance

Learn the basics of afro dance from various countries

Apply what you've learned to find your own dance style

Use the basic skills you've learned to skillfully capture your own feeling in choreography.

About the class

You don't need to look pretty! You don't even have to look great! If you have a lot of excitement, you can enter the exciting world of afro dance. If you want to show off your energy through energetic movements to the afro beat, then afro dance is just what you've been waiting for.

You're probably not familiar with the word afro dance itself. Afro-dance is a dance with various combinations full of vibrations that are popular among the younger generation of Africans who perform to the beat like K-pop. This class includes everything from common basic elements to a unique choreography challenge where you can learn and apply various styles of choreography from Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Congo, South Africa, etc. Let's have fun playing whatever our instincts lead us while doing a fun dance with no right answers!

Course effect

  • I can awaken the excitement in my body.

  • Afrodance can give you healthy energy.

  • You can get new inspiration by learning afro dance.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to exude their energy and energy through dance

  • Those who want to have fun swaying as their instincts lead them rather than pretending to be pretty or cool

  • Those who want to learn the most trending dance style in the world

  • Those who want to learn the basics of afro dance

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Experience afro firsthand in various countries around the world

You can learn local Afrodance that you have experienced and learned firsthand in various countries such as Africa, America, and Europe. Afrodance has no classic style and is a mixture of free-spirited styles from many countries! Understand and experience Afro-style by learning movements representative of each country's style!

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❷ Exciting and fun, losing weight with aerobic benefits

Afro-dance is one activity that can bring both pleasure and the benefits of aerobic exercise. While learning afro dance, the effect of losing weight is achieved by doing aerobic exercise in the process of moving the body, adapting to the rhythm, and sweating. Afro-dance uses muscles in various areas and also has the effect of improving balance. Enjoy dancing while afro dancing and get the aerobic benefits of raising your heart rate.






I'm Eugene, an afro dancer.

In my case, the first time I really came across Afrodance was in New York. While I was in New York on a dance trip, I took Afrodance classes taught by my black friends themselves. And I was really shocked. Has there ever been such an exciting and energetic dance in the world? Because I wanted to. I've learned and experienced various dance styles, but no dance has given me as much impact and energy as Afrodance. So I fell in love with Afrodance simply by instinctive attraction.

At first, I wanted to be able to exude the energy I felt from them myself. And now

I want to share and pass on this energy that I have to many people.

In the meantime, I was only able to learn Afrodance through offline classes, but through this class 101

I'm so happy and excited to introduce Afrodance to a wider range of people.





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