Skills You’ll Learn

The importance of “facial expressions” in illustrations

You can learn how to draw different facial expressions and which parts are particularly important

A lecture on “facial expressions” by a popular painter with vivid character illustrations. Let's enjoy listening and watching!

You will receive a lecture on “facial expressions” in character illustrations from popular Japanese painter Gotoh. By listening to the class, you will be able to understand “what part of the face and how to express what kind of emotion”, such as the shape and angle of parts such as eyes and mouth.

Once you can freely draw different facial expressions, you will be able to freely express the character's various stories. There is fun in listening to this content, whether you are just starting out with illustration or those aiming to improve their skills.

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You will understand how to draw different facial expressions and points
  • You can learn how the impression of an illustration changes due to differences in facial expressions

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who are about to start illustrating
  • Those who want to improve the quality of their illustrations and expand their range of expression

When you take the course

In the class, the paid illustration creation software “Clip Studio Paint” is needed.

2 reasons why this class is so special

①Just watch for a short time! You can learn about facial expressions while having fun

②For those who feel “I want to learn more from this creator” after watching, there is content where you can learn more deeply

For those who feel that they “want to know more or learn” about the theme of the class, we have prepared content that allows them to learn more deeply and thoroughly. Please absorb the creators' skills, know-how, and ways of thinking through more serious lessons.

For those who want to learn more

A thorough lesson on how to draw facial expressions! Learn from illustrators to create attractive characters”

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Creator interview

Q. What kind of activities do you usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly!

A. I work as an illustrator mainly on illustrations for smartphone games, etc. In addition, I also create illustrations for videos and illustrations of goods for Vtubers. The style is easier to understand if you look at Twitter, website, etc.

Q. Please tell us about your experiences and achievements so far!

A. After graduating from university, I worked as a system engineer and drew illustrations as a hobby. The number of illustration jobs gradually increased, and when I decided that I could make a living, I retired and began working as an illustrator.

Q. Why did you decide to make a class in CLASS101?

A. You must often bump into a wall when you're drawing an illustration. I decided to start the course in the hope that it would be an opportunity for those who want to overcome that.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. Learn techniques to make your illustrations more appealing so you'll love your pictures even more!


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