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About the class

An uninvited guest who came to you who was able to do it, pain!

You are a capable person. They are recognized at work for their excellent job performance. Then one day, an unexpected uninvited guest comes to you while you're running along the street at work.

It's a constant rush of neck and back pain.

After working hard at the company, you have been suffering from unexplained pain a few years after you joined the company. At first, the pain was enough for reference work, but as time passed, the pain got worse and worse, and I reached the point where I couldn't work. You get injections and take medicine at the hospital, but the pain gets worse and worse until you have to pay sick leave, and you are overwhelmed by anxiety that you may have to stop working.

  • After all your hard work, where did the pain that sickened your body and mind come from?
  • Why can't chronic pain be solved after going to hospitals, clinics, and gyms?
  • Why is that the only time I get physical therapy, and that's the only time I get a massage?

The important thing is that you've put in a lot of time and effort to address the pain and still don't even know the 'cause' of the pain.

Did you know that the slightest bad posture you take unknowingly can cause a herniated disc, and the height of the monitor can cause a headache? For those of you who are still struggling without even knowing the cause of your pain, we present a new guideline called “proper posture.” Listen to postural stories that have never been told in a hospital before.

Learn how to practice posture directly under the guidance of Director Song Young-min, Korea's No. 1 posture expert. It will be an important turning point to blow away the exhausting chronic pain that has put a brake on my work life until now.

Course effect

  • You can get solutions to deal with chronic pain on your own.
  • You can get an accurate and insightful perspective on proper posture.
  • You can focus on your personal abilities by reducing personal medical expenses and getting a comfortable quality of life.

Recommended target

  • People with chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain
  • Those who want to make a great impression by correcting their posture habits
  • A person who wants to find a solution to a fundamental problem in their body

2 reasons why this class is special

Stop one-sided solutions! We diagnose my physical condition and suggest appropriate solutions.

  • Chapter 1: Through posture photography and interpretation classes, you can check your own posture and diagnose your condition by listening to Young-min's posture interpretation.
  • Chapter 2: Sit Right and Stand Correctly You can check your sitting and standing posture through the checklist.
  • Chapter 3: Using the work environment checklist, you can identify the location of the chair/keyboard/mouse/monitor and check how it affects your posture.

After checking the attitude in the work environment through these chapters, you can get the solutions you need through chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7.

❷ Effective posture improvement solution in a short time. You can manage your posture health while maintaining a casual lifestyle in your busy daily life.

Here's a simple but effective way to exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere. As a result, I can manage my posture health while maintaining my lifestyle without spending a lot of time.





Hallo This is Song Yeong-min, a man who teaches proper posture to office workers.

I graduated from the Department of Sports Medicine at Kyung Hee University. I studied exercise science, posture correction, and balance training methods at the Department of Sports Medicine. However, athletes did a lot of care to prevent injuries, and when they saw office workers waiting until their herniated discs exploded without any care, I had many doubts.

Then, after graduating from college, I discovered that too many people had poor posture on the subway they always rode. Everyone in the world who began to see, such as people reading newspapers with their necks bowed down, people walking with their legs uncomfortable when walking, and people putting their hands on their backs and making uncomfortable expressions all seemed uncomfortable and difficult. As a result, I realized that proper posture is as important for modern people as it is for athletes, and I began studying methods to correct the posture of modern people in earnest.

Currently, I mainly give lectures to office workers. This is because I felt that a health culture that prevented and managed in advance was necessary when office workers saw major problems while working while waiting for them to get sick. We are also active for children. They go directly to school to teach children about proper posture habits, the importance of stretching, carrying bags properly, and how to use a smartphone in a proper posture. As children grow, their spine curves and lower back hurts unknowingly, and this is to prevent children from suffering that kind of pain.

My representative career can be summarized in 5 categories.

1. Samsung Electronics

We are looking for Korean workers who are good at putting up with pain.

From July 2011 to September 2015, I worked as the team leader of the Musculoskeletal Prevention Exercise Center at Samsung Electronics Nano City (Hwaseong Semiconductor Research and Production Complex). Detailed analysis, customized exercise prescriptions, and wellness programs were carried out for 20,000 employees to prevent musculoskeletal diseases. The results were so high that they won a total of 3 awards during a period of 4 years and 2 months of work.

2. 15th year star lecturer

We are working as a partner to protect the health of office workers and help them realize their dreams

Since starting the first proper posture course for Estee Lauder Bobby Brown employees in 2009, we have given 1100 lectures at companies, government offices, and schools until now (as of January 1, 2023).

3. 20 million views on YouTube

We are spreading a culture of proper posture by meeting many people online.

Song Young-min is appearing on the YouTube 'Good Life' channel by creating the right posture. The first video, Walking Correctly, recorded 2.8 million views, and since then, 105 videos have recorded a total of 20,190,538 views to date (as of November 23, 2022).

4. 3 books

After a snooker shoot with PD Kim Min-sik

I wrote a three-color book on the subject of proper posture.

  • Let's start with the posture(Flow Publishing 2014)

    →A book about proper posture, posture analysis, and corrective exercise methods for office workers was the stone that led to the creation of this class.

  • I only changed my posture, but the way people treated me changed(Flow 2018)

    →This is a self-help book that introduces how to gain health, mind, impression, relationships, and leadership through proper posture. Recommended for those who are depressed and are stressed by relationships.

  • If you walk properly, it won't hurt(Billy Burton 2022)

    →This book introduces methods for scientifically understanding and training how to walk properly. It explains in detail why walking exercises should be done and how to walk.

5. broadcasts

SBS Good Morning Miracle Gift, Good Posture Special Lecture

Disseminating a culture of proper posture through media.

I am regularly appearing on KBS Ask Me Anything, and I gave a special lecture on the SBS Good Morning Miracle Gift program. In addition, they appeared in all of the three major cable health programs, The Lord of Thumbs Up, I Am Body, and My Body User Guide.

개그우먼 이경애씨와 함께

With comedian Lee Kyung-Ae

My mission is “Correct the attitude of all citizens.”

My dream is to help modern people maintain a healthy life with proper posture and exercise rather than suffering from pain. In the fairy tale Blue Bird, the main characters Tiltil and Mithil go on a long journey to find blue birds at the request of their fairy grandmother. However, the blue bird was nowhere to be found, and the siblings came home in dismay. As it turned out, the blue bird was a bird raised in the house, and the fairy tale ends with the lesson that happiness is always around. There is no solution to our health far away. We can manage it through our daily lifestyle and exercise around us. Communicating easy, simple, and effective ways to improve the quality of life of modern people. It's the role I want to do in society. The Class101 course was created based on this mission.







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