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About the class

“I'll let you know.” Accurate, detailed, and customized exercise methods

“I'll remove it for you.” Continued shoulder pain

“I'll make it for you.” With the right shoulder joint condition

Trainer Dupanwang, the head trainer of South Korea's national team tells us

Shoulder Pain Customized “Prevention, Management, and Enhancement” All-In-One Class

As if you were taking an offline 1:1 PT class, you can learn the exercises in detail from one to ten and follow them easily. It doesn't end with learning exercise movements, but we have also prepared a customized routine exercise program that anyone can easily practice every day, step by step of prevention, management, and reinforcement.

Course effect

  • You can learn about the underlying problems of shoulder pain and learn how to solve them.
  • You can recover from severe shoulder pain.
  • Just like receiving a real-time PT, you can listen to detailed exercise explanations, follow the exercise movements accurately and easily, and get the effect of pain relief.
  • You can learn easy and creative prop exercises to relieve shoulder pain.
  • Balanced body alignment and restoration of a stable posture make everyday life easier.

Recommended target

  • Those who suffer from shoulder pain before or after surgery
  • People who feel uncomfortable or have pain when lifting and lowering their arms
  • Those who want to recover from physical imbalances and have proper posture
  • Those who want to learn customized shoulder pain relief exercises

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ The trainer of Korea's master national team

An all-in-one class that informs you about prevention, management, and reinforcement

This is an all-in-one class for prevention, management, and strengthening taught by Korea's master national team trainers, such as UFC featherweight Choi Doo Ho, KPGA professional trainer Kim Bio, and Mun Kyung-joon, who is the chief trainer of the women's national basketball team at the 2012 London Olympics and Rio 2016 Olympics.

❷ It's like taking an offline 1:1 PT class

Structure and direction of detailed customized lectures

The curriculum is designed so that you can easily learn, apply, and follow each exercise movement from beginning to end. In addition to this, you can also learn a daily routine exercise program where you can exercise by comprehensively applying the exercise movements you have learned.

❸ Highly satisfying course reviews





Hallo Dear classmates

I'm Kim Jong-kuk, the South Korean national team trainer.


  • Chief trainer of the women's national basketball team at the 2012 London Olympics
  • Chief trainer of the women's national basketball team at Rio 2016
  • Chief trainer of the Hana Bank Pro Women's Basketball Team
  • Chief trainer of Woori Bank Pro Women's Basketball Team
  • Trainer for South Korea's national snowboarding team at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics
  • 2018 Turkey National Short Track Team Chief Trainer
  • KPGA Kim Bio, professional golfer trainer Mun Kyung-joon
  • Lee Eun-won, chief dancer of the Washington Ballet, and a dedicated trainer
  • Trainer dedicated to UFC featherweight Choi Doo Ho
  • Master's degree from Korea Sport University
  • Naeum Care Co., Ltd. Tratec Taping Master Trainer
  • Idea Korea Sports Rehabilitation Presenter
  • Former) Kim Jin-seop, Head of Orthopedic Rehabilitation Team
  • Current CEO of APL Co., Ltd.
  • Current CEO of the Fitness Superintendent



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