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About the class

The period when a woman's body is reset begins after delivery.

Changing your body shape through exercise isn't as easy as you might think. In particular, in situations of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting that is more difficult than that, exercising for me may be a luxury.

However, after giving birth, you are given a period of opportunity that no one else can have.

In order for a child to come out, the joints in the body are opened up by hormones, and the open joints are slowly reunited after a certain period of time.

This is the time

It's not just a diet to lose weight; it's a “golden time for body shape change” that only mothers who can align their bodies and return to a balanced body can have. We will help mothers succeed in changing their body shape through casual exercise, according to their physical condition until 6 months after delivery, recognizing their own exercise movements.

Course effect

  • It is possible to correct a body shape lost due to pregnancy.
  • You can make an exercise plan according to lifestyle changes after giving birth.
  • Even those who haven't exercised before pregnancy can learn easy and reliable customized exercise methods.
  • The exercises are short but strong, and the effects are clear, and mothers who don't have time can learn customized body shape change exercises for busy parenting.

Recommended target

  • Those who are concerned about changes in body shape due to pregnancy
  • Those whose pain has worsened or worsened due to an incorrect body shape
  • Those who want to start exercising casually with an easy and short workout time
  • Those who want to start exercising after giving birth

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ The golden time for body shape changes that came with childbirth

An opportunity to learn body recovery exercises tailored to mothers

After giving birth, you are given a time of opportunity that no one else has had. You can learn how to create and implement an exercise plan according to the general lifestyle of mothers who have changed after giving birth. In addition to this, you can learn appropriate body shape recovery exercises according to the mother's main characteristics for each cycle.

❷ An opportunity to correct the body shape lost due to pregnancy

In order for a child to come out, the joints in the body are widened by hormones, and the open joints slowly join back together after a certain period of time. This period can be called the “golden time” of body shape changes for mothers who can return to a balanced body by aligning their bodies.



Jungwoo Heo

Jungwoo Heo

Hello classmates.

I'm Jungwoo Heo, a pregnancy exercise expert.

I have my own training philosophy that is important when I exercise and when I teach exercise.

  1. Exercises you can do anytime, anywhere
  2. Sports that anyone can do, young and old
  3. Exercises you can do alone
  4. Something simple
  5. Should be the foundation

I think “exercise” is really fun. The same exercise can be a different exercise depending on how I think and how I move. Therefore, some people develop their hips and only their front thighs through slits. In this way, stimulation points vary from person to person, such as irritation to the calves for some people and irritation to the thighs for others.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

“I also need to do a hip workout.” I started, “Why do my legs only get thicker?” , “Why doesn't the shape of my hips change?”

Many people start exercising to achieve these same goals and solve their problems, but “Why can't everyone feel the same effects?” , “Isn't there an exercise that anyone can start regardless of whether they have pain or not?” This is the most common concern.

Therefore, rather than new exercises, I want to reduce the burden of exercise through exercises I already know a lot and exercises I have experienced a lot, so that I can focus more on recognizing exercise movements on my own.

Even though I've been exercising for a long time, the feeling of training last year is different from the one I did today, and I'm happy to learn that this kind of stimulation can come from doing this, and I'm happy to be able to share this aspect with the members.

The exercises I do are very easy to watch. However, the more you do it over and over again, if you recognize and act, you'll be able to feel the effects of the exercise in just one day. I hope this class will be a time where you can get to know your body and use it better instead of simply following exercise movements.

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