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About the class

Did you know that Spain is a country with over 500 years of history?

Do you know why Spain is called a “sexually open country”?

Did you know that Spain's population is smaller than Korea's?

Did you know that Spain is the “5th most gourmet country” with the most Michelin stars?

Hi, everybody! This is Jose.

I'll start by confidently saying that my class will be a useful course that anyone who is interested in traveling to Spain or the Spanish language won't find anywhere else.

While I was in Korea, I had conversations with many people who have experienced Spain, such as those who have traveled to Spain or studied a language. Everyone was very satisfied with Spain, but it was a pity that not many people had a “real” Spanish experience.

Spain is a country with so many things to see, do, and eat!

All of your classmates will learn so much about Spain that you will feel that you have become familiar with Spain just by having fun listening to the lectures, and you will experience the fun of having your travel schedule organized by itself.

Also, at the end of the video, you'll get some simple Spanish expressions to get started in Spanish!

Course effect

  • You can properly learn about Spanish history and cultural etiquette.
  • You can learn about the characteristics, attractions, and food of each region in Spain.
  • You can find information on festivals you must experience when traveling to Spain, as well as enlightening information and tips directly from Spaniards.
  • Now that you know more about Spain, you can enjoy your trip to Spain 100 times more.
  • You can learn simple Spanish conversation before going on a trip to Spain.

What makes this class special

It's not something that vaguely instills fantasies about European countries; it's more realistic, and since it's a story told by Spaniards themselves, there are many interesting stories that only Spaniards can understand.

Spaniards have fun talking about the personalities and humor of each local person, and there are also travel routes for each region I've created myself, so feel free to take your own.

Above all, I did my best to organize the lessons so that even those who don't know anything about Spain or Spanish can learn about Spanish culture in an interesting way.

This is because if you know the culture properly, you can have a “real” local experience and learn “real” Spanish.

Eligible participants

Spain is a great place to travel and live, but aren't sure where to start or plan?

Do you want to go on a real trip to Spain other than an obvious trip that only involves sightseeing?

Do you want to learn Spanish but don't have enough motivation?

Let's get to know Spain first by watching this lecture made with love by José, a Spaniard who loves Korea so much.

So let's go to Spain with Jose now?






José Luis Manas de la Mota (José Luis Mañas de la Mota)


-BA in East Asian Studies and Korean Studies, University of Malaga

-MBA in International Management (Spanish Government Trade Promotion Agency ICEX)


- Málaga, official certification body of the Instituto Cervantes (Instituto Cervantes), ¡Sí! Completed the “Spanish Language Course for Foreigners (Curso Extensivo de Formación de Español de Español como Lengua Extranjera)”

-Completed the 9th regular course at the Korean Literature Translation Institute Translation Academy

-Work experience at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the Spanish Embassy in Korea

-Many Spanish lessons

YouTube channel

-'Bye Bye Ho' showing life in Spain and the everyday life of an international couple


-'Hi, Earth (@hola_tierra2021) ''Today's Español' on the last page of the 'Hi, Earth ()' Instatoon

Other content appearances

-Appeared 4 times in “KBS2 Breakfast Worth Trying” introducing Spanish food and culture





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