4 chapters · 2 hours 10 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Achieving goals

Refine the desired goal and measure the achievement of the goal.

Become an optimist

Learn how to understand and prevent burnout and perfectionism.

Get a complete break

You can relax and balance work and life without guilt.

Designing a career path

You can design your career path with your own standards.

About the class

Why did you subscribe to Class101?

Why do you find it difficult to complete classes?

When I coach, I often meet people who have vague goals but can't implement them. There are more people than you might think that they don't know how to set goals they can implement, set goals that are too high, or are struggling with what to choose between goals.

It's not about “what” to learn

Once you understand “how” and “why” you want to learn,

You'll be able to turn your goals into action.

If the goals I have now don't lead to action, why?

What should I do to set goals that really help my life rather than goals that are pressured?

Coaching psychology is a discipline that helps you set goals and how to put them into practice based on psychological theory.

I'll help you find goals you can implement, goals that are psychologically healthy, so you can find goals that really help you in your life and implement them.

Course effect

  • You can specify the goals you want to achieve and put them into action
  • You can set psychologically healthy and realistic goals away from burnout and perfectionism
  • You can manage anxiety about your career path and set your own standards for career planning

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to get out of the status quo but are uneasy because they don't have specific plans or goals
  • People who know they need to change now but feel they don't have the energy to change
  • People who think they need a change in their career path but feel they don't have the courage to do it

What makes this class special

I majored in clinical and counseling psychology at Korea University, and I'm currently studying for my PhD in coaching psychology at Kwangundae. I'm a 9th year freelance creator, former founder (entrepreneur), and I have experience working as an office worker. I have experienced various forms of work, changed my career path many times, and lived my life creating an independent career for my life.

I'll teach you everything from how to determine your career path according to your own standards and how to understand your current status (burnout, strengths, interests, etc.) so you can actually implement the goals you've set for yourself!

If you take my class, You can also complete another class 101 that you have put off until now.





It's a cool summer night for a writer studying the psychology of coaching. Having lived across various occupations as an office worker, entrepreneur, and freelancer, I studied coaching psychology because I wanted to help people make better decisions and have more fun at work. Instead of the self-development required by the world, I live my life dreaming of a true self-study for my own life.





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