Skills You’ll Learn

The cause of head distortion

You can find out the cause of head distortion, which accounts for 70% of facial problems.

How to do head exercises

Learn how to exercise to move a stiff and stiff head.

How to exercise your core

Learn how to exercise to keep your face, head, and pelvis in a beautiful position.

About the class

Big faces, angled contours, and asymmetrical faces!

Tired neck, back, and face feel blurry and falling apart.

Is this my story?

If you have these concerns, you must look at your head.

If you understand the relationship between head and face, you can see how the head affects the face.

This is a head exercise class for creating small, three-dimensional faces.

The founder of Core Design®, the world's first exercise to make your head look beautiful, is here to help!

Course effect

  • You can exercise every day by learning how to prevent facial collapse and change your head.
  • You can have a natural beautiful head and pelvis.
  • You can manage chronic fatigue and stress every day by relaxing your stiff skeleton and body.

Recommended classes

  • Those who want to restore balance to the face and head without spending a lot of time and money
  • Those who want to change not only their body shape but also their face through exercise
  • Those who want to pamper themselves every day with a new method called head exercise

  • Those who feel that their face is aging or deformed
  • Those who are concerned about a raised head, an angled head, or a large head
  • Those who want a beautiful pelvis and body
  • Those who hate their figure due to turtle necks and dry shoulders
  • People who sit for a long time

2 reasons why this class is special

① The world's first head exercise! How to exercise to change your head, face, and pelvis on your own

When the head changes, the face changes quickly. Our 22 skulls move in a consistent pattern as they push and push each other. The skull twists and turns back into place.

Core Design® revealed the relationship between movement patterns and body shape of 22 skulls that were difficult to interpret through 20 years of research. We now invite you to an original solution for anyone to improve their face with head exercises.

Long, raised head = lengthened face, bumpy contours

A flat head = a face that looks wide and flat

Asymmetrical head = asymmetrical face

② Achievements built up with more than 10,000 members over 20 years

The head image determines the image of the face. The shape of the face changes depending on the angle of the head, and if there are concerns about the shape of the head, concerns about the contours of the face also appear.

Slimmer face

As the angled and wide side of the head changed three-dimensionally, the image changed to a feminine image.

A head that goes well with tied hair

Previously, I was a customer who paid a lot of attention to lowering my bangs because of the contours of my face, but as I went through the lesson, I changed to a new style that went well with my full hair.

small, round face

From a face with a broad forehead, the upper line of the forehead became slim and round, and the face became slimmer and more refined.

Face balance and stability

The customer who started the lesson due to an asymmetrical body shape became more and more in line with her pelvis and her face regained symmetry.

Face proportions and confidence

The customer, who had a lot of trouble because her face looked longer, looked more beautiful and felt confident as the contours matched.

That's not all.

Surviving leggings fit, apple hips

Changes in body shape can also have basic effects. Let's draw what we want together and feel the change!

Based on our track record with more than 10,000 members over 20 years, I'll tell you more about the mechanism.

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The beginning of visual change = head

Chapter 1

Head exercises that relieve chronic fatigue and change visuals, core design

Chapter 2

Pelvis. Apple hip design

Chapter 3

neck shoulder line design

Chapter 4

Core design signature: head and small face design


A 10-minute daily, purpose-specific sequence to follow


Design the core for a more beautiful self!


Core Design Changha Choi

Core Design Changha Choi

Hi, I'm Changha Choi, and I'm active mainly in Cheongdam by developing a core design for beautiful head exercises. My interest in people and the human body led me to study philosophy from a young age, which naturally led me to this field. And 26 years have passed since it was an official activity alone.

I'm introducing it as a head exercise that makes the face beautiful, but I'm more interested in mind-body integrated solutions that improve people in an integrated way.

In Korea, I studied global sports, 100-year history of therapy, integrated psychology, brain science, and self-development before others, so I began giving lectures to universities, cultural centers, and experts from around 2000. At the same time, I became convinced that the cheat key that changes the human body lies in the “core,” the core system, so I launched Core Design and greeted them in class 101.

I'm sure most of you are seeing me for the first time since I work mainly for professionals, but I think you'll feel the need and know-how for head exercises that must be handled professionally in the therapy area where you need to know the characteristics and changes of the human body, the exercise area based on brain science, the core area that must be handled professionally, and head exercises that you couldn't have done.

CEO of Human Core Design Academy

Director of Cheongdam Core Design

Research Director of Korea Correct Posture Athletic Association

Core Design Lectures at Contemporary Culture Center, Lotte Culture Center, and Shinsegae Culture Center

Presidential Appreciation Award

Author of 'Face surgery with core design' (2014) HANSOL

Guest lecturer at Japan Holistic Beauty Institute (HBI)

“Three-dimensional beauty” published in Japan (2015) BAB JAPAN

Introducing recommendations from the top editors of “VERY” in Japan

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