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What if you have facial complexes?

Shall we get rid of that complex once and for all?

첫째, 셀프 페이스&바디 체크 방법과 자신에게 필요한 학습 방법 공개!

▶ First, reveal the self-face and body check method and the learning method you need!

Hello, I'm Lee Jong-seok, CEO of Movement Plus. Do you have an appearance complex? And if that complex is your concern How about getting rid of that problem altogether?? Through this class, you will be able to find out about my overall body balance and learn more about how my balance is broken.

My complex is on my face

Why should I look at body balance?

Skeletal changes caused by unstable posture change the direction of force received by muscles and weaken the associated function of the fascia/adsorption of the skin and fascia. This is why it is necessary to carefully maintain everything from the tip of the toe to the top of the head without leaving anything to be thrown away. Forearm fat, which often causes a lot of trouble, is often caused by a complex loss of function in the back, shoulders, and triceps. In this case, it's not about losing weight if you go on a random diet. It is only when you check your functions and find the right moves that you will part with the complex.

You don't need to buy expensive appliances.

Use simple tools that are around you.

It doesn't take a huge amount of preparation to change yourself. You can use cheap wooden brackets, or anything that is less irritating to the skin and has a shape that is less irritating to the skin and can manage various angles in different parts of the body, such as ceramic teaspoons that are easily available at stationery stores. It would be a icing on the cake if you also prepare a massage oil or lotion to reduce damage to the skin and also provide nutrition.

Master of Jaya, Master Lee Jong-seok

The lecture is so different!

After working at a sports rehabilitation center and the national snowboarding team (medical trainer), I am still working for the proper movement of many people in my current job.

  1. You can look back at yourself and learn more about what you need.
  2. I know the cause of my complex area and can manage it.
  3. We will help you train you to be able to manage yourself at a certain level without having to entrust it directly to an expert.
  4. It is composed of easy movements and techniques so that it can be applied to family, friends, and lovers.

자신을 바꾸는 것에 거창한 준비는 필요하지 않는다

▶ You don't need a lot of preparation to change yourself

If you take care of it according to the class, you will first notice that the adsorption capacity of the skin and muscles improves.

Next, swelling is removed, minor discomfort disappears, and external size changes occur.

These courses aren't something you can feel in a day or two, but you can definitely feel the changes within a month, so don't get tired and follow the entire course step by step, so you can create a different ideal version of yourself than you are now.






I'm Lee Jong-seok, the director who manages the health and beauty of your daily life.

From elite athletes, broadcasters to ordinary people, we want everyone to be healthy and beautiful.

We want to help you find your natural beauty.

I was running a program for announcers and celebrities to improve facial asymmetry/shoulder height, wedding dress fitting, and postpartum health, so I wanted to let many people know.

It was very rewarding to see that more people than I thought were looking for a healthier appearance and inner world than they are today.

I will find you the real version of you that is lost, bygone, or yet to come!



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