With a minimum of material tools
2 Class Projects

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Fresh cream cake filled with sweet and sour strawberries

  • Various icing and decorating techniques

Skills You’ll Learn

Bubble cake know-how

Know sheet manufacturing points, how to see when to add the next material, and common mistakes

Liquor syrup know-how

The role of syrup, applying syrup without a brush, recommending liqueurs that are good for syrup

Types and features of fresh cream

Differences in fresh cream, animal cream handling know-how, and fresh cream recommendations for each situation

Icing that even beginners can do

Authentic icing method, how to repair broken icing, icing that even beginners can easily do

Decorating know-how

3 elements of piping, various decorations with one fruit, how to tie a ribbon

Pretty no matter who makes it

0% chance of failure cake design

Even beginners can create as many gorgeous and beautiful cakes as they want! If you only know the basic formula that you need to know step by step, you can make a perfect cake like the ones sold on the market. We will reveal hidden know-how that is very delicate and important, such as the timing of adding ingredients between Genoise and Nois, but no one has told you!

If foundation work is not done properly
No matter how good icing techniques you use, you won't be able to get the shape you want

Great for every design!

An authentic technique to improve icing skills in a short time

You will learn everything from expressing smooth surfaces to creating shapes with a sense of feeling. It's the most classic, but that's why it can be transformed using a variety of techniques. Learn about the most suitable cream shape and icing know-how, and learn the points that even beginners can look like gold!

How to revive ruined icing?

Solid basic skills taught by real experts

A cake design expert in his 16th year will show you a realistic way to develop your skills. Akgis only captures his experience in developing and consulting new products at a large bakery company and his experience in running a practical confectionery school. Recommended for those who want to definitely improve their basic cake skills in a short time.

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It's the cake of life! “Fresh cream custom cake” with a beautiful taste and shape incorporating 7 years of know-how

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Making the semi-finished products that make up a cake


How to make a strawberry cake that looks like selling




I majored in cooking for 4 years at Kyung Hee University.

I fell in love with beautifully finished cakes, so I developed products at research institutes of large companies such as Crown Bakery and Baskin Robbins.

When I launch a new product, I need to educate the producers, and I was so happy to share my know-how with someone. So I went to graduate school, taught majors, and started educating.

At the beginning of 2010, they created the “Korea Flower Cake Association” and issued the first certification in Korea, and now they run the “Racrem Confectionery Practical College” in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, where they teach about confectionery, baking, and cake design, and are consulting entrepreneurs in collaboration with small business groups and Guri City.

I was always busy offline, so I had few opportunities to meet people online, but I'm happy to be able to meet you online through Class 101 this year:)

I will work hard to conduct the class by adding my nature to teaching and my sincerity to you.

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