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Hahae drawing

Let's capture your own taste, and fill it with soft colors


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Tablet and clip studio
5 Class Projects

It takes about 1-3 to complete one class project.

  • Basic human body and composition

  • Your own character with your own taste

  • child character illustration

  • A turbid and soft coloring method

  • Illustrations using a variety of colors

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Clip Studio for illustrations

Try out Clip Studio's various features and tools.

How to draw a face and human body composition

Learn how to draw while understanding the composition of faces and human bodies.

How to use turbid colors

Try using colors that are dull but full of their own feeling.

Correction methods to bring life to pictures

You'll learn how to make corrections that add vitality, which is the core of the painting completion process.

Create your own illustrations

Create your own illustrations by drawing whatever you want to draw.

Drawing the feeling and character I want

A moment that creates a sense of happiness,

Hello! I really like painting, so I came this far from a simple hobby HaeIt's called.

At first, I just enjoyed painting, but after studying on my own, there were many times when I wandered around without being able to correct any direction. Once I've finished it, I feel proud and happy, but when I start drawing a new painting, I often find myself feeling overwhelmed and worried before I just look at the white canvas and stop looking at the white canvas.

I think there are probably many of you who feel that way. Don't you paint with pressure or worry ahead of time?

When you don't know where to start, I want to ease your burdens and worries. Not difficult, The feeling I want and the feeling of happiness that creates the characterLet's share it with you:)

Getting started and understanding Clip Studio

Clip studioIf you are new to a program called, it may seem a bit complicated. At first, it was really difficult for me, but when I started, I learned a lot of things in a short period of time by myself Easy, versatile functionality and performanceThere were a lot of them. As such, it's one of the programs I've been using very well until now. Let's take a look at the various functions and tools we need to complete our work step by step.

Learn the basics of the human body and composition

Personally, I think the most difficult or difficult part of the painting process is the human body and basic composition. I think I also spent quite a bit of time understanding the human body and structure.

But when it comes to painting The most important part is also understanding the human bodyThey say! Once you understand and slowly adapt, you'll find that this is a really fun part.

The color that fills me with “feeling”

I prefer a relatively simple coloring method. So let's do coloring that's not difficult or complicated for you, Emphasize where you need to make use of the feelingI'm going to show you how to color it.

Color unconditionally I don't think it's necessary to be neat and meticulous. I feel like putting in my own feelings is an honest way to color.

Grab a chunk, fill it up big, and focus on the part I definitely want to save! I want to share with you the unique charm of my cool coloring method.

Correction methods to bring life to pictures

The process of bringing a picture to lifeI think it's a correction step. Of course, there are many ways of retouching, but I would like to show you how to finish a painting with my own two know-how. Let's learn such correction methods that can be useful in any way.

Capture your own pictures in a white canvas

Your own pictureIn order to find, it is my plan and goal to make it possible to take a step towards it.

When the white canvas is filled to the end I want you to feel a sense of joy and happinessWe will be with you.

I'll be with you until the end so that your paintings blossom.



With plenty of your own taste,

1. Hello, I'm Hae Hae.


2. What do you learn?



Understanding everything about Clip Studio

1. Clip Studio workspace settings


2. Learn about frequently used shortcuts & various functions


3. Introduction and installation of frequently used brushes



Learn about the human body and composition

1. Identify basic features


2. Learn about basic facial proportions & structures


3. female character face drawing


4. male character face drawing


5. Learn about the female character's human body


6. Learn about the male character's human body


7. Child Human Face & Hand Drawing



Learn how to express delicate lines

1. Try adjusting the strength of the line


2. Draw pretty, cute, and good-looking features


3. Expressing delicate hair (1)


4. Expressing delicate hair (2)


5. Draw while identifying wrinkles on clothes



Coloring with a muddy yet soft feel

1. Learn about turbid colors


2. Color placement and scale


3. Try coloring your face


4. Try coloring chunky clothes & hair



Use retouching to bring pictures to life

1. What is calibration?


2. Learn about various corrections


3. Use retouching to bring pictures to life



Finish by adding a delicate expression!

1. Try making the background transparent


2. Finish with a delicate expression of hair



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Now, guys, let's capture our own tastes.



Hahae drawing

Hahae drawing

Hello, I'm Ha Hae, a creator who draws what I want to draw. There may be people who love painting and are interested in drawing and want to try it out, but are just starting to get started. I love painting too, but it wasn't really overwhelming at first. However, it is easy to understand, so that it is not difficult to understand, I will use my tips and know-how to help you draw what you want to have fun drawing, and draw what you like. I hope you don't have to worry about it and feel confident. Let's draw your own paintings with me.


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