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Skills You’ll Learn

Home routine

Learn effective home routines that can be carried out even in a small space.

Full body stretching

Learn how to stretch to stimulate muscles that are not used frequently to circulate the whole body and correct posture.

Basic breathing method

Learn basic Pilates breathing techniques that enhance the effects of exercise and clear your mind.

Core exercises

Learn an all-around core workout routine to center your body.

Aerobic exercise

Learn aerobic exercises that can energize your body.

Home training air care

We will show you the appropriate air care for each exercise environment.

Start a comfortable, healthy lifestyle 365 days a year

Hello! I run the YouTube home channel 'Panne Seoyeon' Bread teacherIt's. How much time do you have for your health in a day? Aren't you hesitating because it's difficult to take time off to work out to go to the gym, and it's frustrating to do it alone at home? For this class, we have prepared a class with a routine that anyone can comfortably exercise at home and that can be done effectively even when exercising for a short time, so that anyone can start working at home.

From breathing techniques to stretches and cardio routines!

A curriculum that refreshes my body

In addition to improving the effects of exercise, it also contains a proper breathing method that refreshes the inside of the head, stretching the vitality of the whole body, and aerobic oxygen that fills the energy. Take time to focus on yourself for your health with this $0 class.

A time where you can focus on yourself comfortably and completely with a personalized atmosphere

If you work at home in a space other than a place prepared for exercise, such as a gym or pilates studio, the room temperature may rise, and depending on the weather, the air becomes stuffy, making it difficult to exercise fully.

The LG Puricare Objet Collection Aero Tower provides a fan function and air purification at once, and provides your own customized wind (natural purification, intensive purification, space purification, direct purification), so you can enjoy a comfortable home with a pleasant air. Start a home tour for 0 won with LG Aero Tower!



Cool summer cleanliness with LG Aero Tower


Wake up your body from head to toe


Invest 10 minutes without equipment!




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