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Skills You’ll Learn


Alignment of bandas and chakras through spinal breathing

Sun worship posture

Surya Hata Namaskara's training gently awakens and connects the energy of the whole body

Back bending

An Approach to Back bending through Expanding Spine Energy

Sirsasana and shoulder stand

Spinal passage consciousness through head standing and shoulder standing

Singing ball healing meditation

Light energy awakens with chakra healing

Hallo This is Arang.

I started yoga by chance in Jeju, where I came down to find answers to the ultimate question about me.

The first day I went to learn yoga was very intense I wanted to feel something and take a full look.

As time passed, I began to look at many things in life through yoga, and I am expanding it further by sharing those flows.

“Yoga” is a pathway to maturity

We will guide you carefully so that you can be aware of many confusing things as a 'process' and connect them to 'learning'.

Peace through balance

“Peace in the face of hardship.”

It always knocks on my chest.

The balance between good and bad at the center makes me feel calm today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

Let's live a harmonious life with a straight center

The biggest change I've experienced while doing yoga is that my “horizons” expand.

If I lived a day with subjective thinking, now I try to look at it from the cosmic perspective of a “bigger me” rather than “me.”

“Consciousness”, which naturally awakens in balance between body and mind, allows us to experience and understand the truth, and allows us to live a harmonious life with a straight center.

Have you only thought of “meditation” and “yoga” far from it?

If meditation is too difficult even after yoga, and you still feel that yoga, meditation, and yogic life are still far away, try it together. If you breathe slowly and understand “Hatha yoga” and “meditation,” which can be difficult, with me, your life will come naturally!

I'll show you how to approach it safely and healthily

In order to be “well” at the center, we do “yoga.”

However, if you don't know how to do it or if your mind only follows the movements ahead, the space in your body cannot connect enough, which can hurt your body and mind.

Therefore, I'm going to breathe together so that I can understand the flow and “act” on my own about how to approach movements while being aware of space.

If you go through proper self-regulation, you'll feel a balanced center.

Let's start meditative yoga now


Yoga asanas (movements) are a way to inward through the body.

You will understand healthy and safe yoga by naturally experiencing things such as what to do during movement and how to breathe in order not to be biased towards either body or mind.

After a while, you'll be 'inside' yourself through your breath!


Once the connection with the center has been strengthened by sitting on the floor, it is time to take in the energy of the sun and awaken the balance of the whole body.

Experience a deeper bandana and smooth expansion as you breathe and look at the center.


If you can connect the space inside your body to the spinal channel with an organized consciousness, you can safely move on to the next one.

We will approach backward movements that keep the spine tilted back while maintaining quiet breathing, and reverse postures that further expand and adjust the spinal energy.

The important thing is “balance” that stabilizes the awakened energy around it!

Through this training with full self-breathing,

I hope you will welcome a peaceful and clear new day every day from the space of “light” in your heart after waking up! :)





Hallo I'm arang:)

I've been around the world through painting since I was very young.

The more I painted, the more I became curious about the truth about “me.”

Then, in a hatha yoga practice that began by chance, I found answers to long-standing questions and began to quickly and intensely immerse myself in my “inside.”

“Yoga” was a major turning point in my life until I was at peace today.

I thought that if I worked hard as I always did, I would be able to move forward, but that wasn't the case.

A lot of things I believed were right have fallen apart.

It was a really important opportunity to see me without any illusions even though it was harsh.

The mercy of yoga was “watching.”

It was a precious time reminding me of the meaning of “how” to do it.

While my habitual outward eye naturally flowed inward, something I didn't expect happened.

I heard a clear answer to an old question.

“Who am I? What is life? '

Everything became clear.

It all happened from within.


It starts by “observing” exactly what is happening to me right now.

In the process, when you experience the truth for yourself, you are at the center of the experience unshakable.

I'm not afraid or anxious anymore. I feel calm knowing that it is “now,” which is flowing in an orderly manner.


“Breath” where peace comes and true freedom and love are awakened. It all happens through real breathing.

Would you like to find calm and serene inner peace with me? :)



요가 새날

요가 새날

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