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About the class

Yoga is a “journey of getting to know myself” by focusing on the senses of the body and listening to the stories that the body tells.

This class teaches you the basic elements of yoga step by step, in a very easy and detailed way, from slimming and strengthening the body to looking at the mind.

Learn how to properly establish the spine, which is the center of our body, and learn how to relieve tension in the body by feeling the movement of the vertebral joints. After understanding the tension, raise your body up and practice various dynamic movements together. Afterwards, strengthen your mind by meeting postures that calm your habitual bounce of mind. In the final chapter, I'll spend a long time concentrating on training while reviewing previous chapters and meeting challenging attitudes with a trained body and mind. I believe you will have a happy time facing your flexible and strengthened self.

Well, let's meet in class. Namaste.

Course effect

  • When your mind is anxious and struggling, you can learn how to cope on your own.
  • Through training that awakens the senses of the body, interest in movement arises without being compelled to exercise.
  • If I only have a mat after taking a course, I can practice yoga on my own without anyone's help.

Recommended target

  • Those who are interested in movement that has a quiet atmosphere rather than dynamism
  • Those who are interested in mind and meditation
  • Those who want to try yoga alone anytime, anywhere

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ Classes where you can learn how to get to know yourself

One way to love yourself and get to know yourself properly is to observe and focus on your own body. As you observe your body through yoga, you will naturally learn the courage and methods to observe your mind. I get to know myself by accepting my own hearts that I have turned away from and those that I have covered up because they are hard to see. Yoga is about getting to know the “mind” using the “body” as a tool.

❷ A class that teaches the principles of posture

I will not only teach you the fragmentary shapes of yoga postures; I will guide you through the principles of each posture. For example, the typical sitting yoga pose “paschimotanasana” looks like all you have to do is sit down, stretch your legs, and lean your upper body to your lower body. However, the principle of posture is different. Learn how to stretch your spine correctly, feel the center line, and then connect the center line of the inside of the leg from the center line through the pelvis. If you learn based on understanding the principles in this way, you will gradually be able to train on your own.



Hello, I'm Laya, a yoga instructor.

One day when my body and mind were in tatters, I first encountered yoga at a sports center I visited for diet/beauty purposes. After moving my body for 1 hour, I experienced the finishing position of yoga practice, lying down during savasana (invoice position) time, closing my eyes, and connecting with me. It was a moment where I got away from the habit of neglecting and turning away from my busy daily life and accidentally got in touch with my inner world. I discovered my “neglected self” because I couldn't take care of my body and mind, and I started practicing yoga after shedding tears.

My body gradually became softer, lighter, and stronger. However, even though I was happy and happy, I still felt like a repetitive wave of sadness, hardship, and frustration. However, I think there was an eye that noticed that it was inside the waves. Little by little, I was able to become aware of deviating from the unique flow of everyday life, that is, obsession due to greed and resistance arising from fear. It gave me the courage to give up my obsession and resistance. I was able to take center stage in that wave and move forward again, albeit flimsy.

Before I meet yoga, I want to share my yoga experience with people like me who don't know how to take care of themselves and practice focusing on their inner world. I want to share with you that yoga is not just an “exercise,” it's about taking good care of and getting to know the body and mind. Starting from slimming and strengthening the body, to looking at the mind. I will walk you through the basic elements of yoga step by step and in a very detailed manner. You'll experience a softer and lighter everyday life little by little!





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