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Skills You’ll Learn

What are chakras? Chakra Basics

The chakras are the gateway to inner consciousness. I have a deep understanding through meditation.

The basics of meditation

Learn good postures for meditation, good breathing, and what to do during meditation.

How to understand chakras in asanas (yoga postures)

You can feel the energy of the chakra even in basic postures.

Chakra meditation

Let's enter the world of chakras through meditation.

Hallo This is Omgo Mukta.

Come meet your true self through chakra yoga and meditation with me!

Chakra yoga and meditationThis is Omgomukta, who will guide you to.

I started this class because I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what I love in online classes with Class 101.

It's a time to quietly face the universe within you.

If you feel like you can't even look back at me,
If you have a hard time sleeping at the end of the day with complicated worries.

Join chakra yoga and meditation to look into your heart and meet your inner universe. It's OK if you've heard chakras for the first time today. A desire to meet me quietlyThat's enough.

Would you like to hear for a moment what chakras are?

For us, it is connected to the inner source of human beings Space energy windowI have it. The most energy channel that penetrates the spine “Chakras” the seven key rainbow-light energy windowsIt's called. In other words, chakras can be said to be the gateway to consciousness that enters our inner world.

In this class, you can understand the “chakra - cosmic energy center” from direct personal experience, and become the center of the universe through the connection between chakras An encounter with your true selfIt will be a precious time to fulfill.

First, we'll start by understanding the seven chakras one by one.

1. Red Chakra: Muladhara

To humans The fundamental 'root' chakraThat's it. The energy of the soilIt is an energy center inside the tailbone, and this energy is the most human Basic physical reproductive functionI want to be able to do this activity.

2. Orange Chakra: Swadistana

Energy Center for Purification and CreationIn this place A treasure trove of the unconscious (inner)It's the same place as. water energyIt is located deep in the belly and deep in the center of the celestial spine. For women, it's a divine energy source that gives creative vitality to the womb. Only if the water energy here starts to flow unobstructed Inner cleansingBecome, and a new vitality is created, so you can live anew every moment. Also, since it is a place where inner trauma is asleep, cleansing activities must take place Wounds healIt could be.

3. Yellow Chakra: Manipura

solar plexusAccept the vitality of the sun as Energizing Life Energy CenterThat's it. It is located in the center of the upper belly and lumbar spine above the navel. When energy is connected from chakra 1 to chakra 3, so the solar energy of Manipura is activated smoothly A vibrant, courageous sense of self-worthYou'll get it. too Body organs are also healthyIt can happen.

4. Green Chakra: Anahata

Forest energyA place that embraces, An energy center that activates the chestThat's it. It is located just above the center of the chest - in the center of the thoracic spine. Anahata True energy of love and mercyIt contains. It is related to breathing, and when the energy of this place blooms, the blood clears up at the same time To be able to live the 'present' through a warm inner voice I'll do it for you.

5. Blue Chakra: Vishudi

A channel through which the sound of divinity comes ininterest, A bridge where chest energy connects to consciousnessThat's it. Located at the beginning of the throat Entrance to open the headThis is it.

This is a window to an open future Regulates physical energyIt's an energy center that directly affects relationships.

6. Bora Chakra: Azuna

This place, known as the Third Eye The seat of “wisdom”Also, as the abode of the contemplator (soul) “consciousness,” it is located deep between the eyes - at the entrance where the brain begins. When energy is integrated from chakra 1 to this point, it transcends duality and gains the wisdom of the universe. It's about being a living wise man.

7. Cosmic color chakra: Sahasra

An energy center located at the top of the valleyAlso, this place, which is also called “astronomy,” An entrance that opens the doors of spaceYes. When an energy channel is connected from Chakra 1 to this place, the door to this place opens, and the lotus flower of the universe blooms through it The energy of the universe as a whole chakra I'm going to accept it. Divine Cosmic EnergyIt's about living through!

Then, starting with the first Muladhara chakra

I'm planning to take a leisurely trip to the world of Sahasra Chakra 7!

The awakening of chakras is a steady trainingIt will be done through, and through this class, I will meet them slowly and repeatedly so that I can start my basic journey from chakra 1 to chakra 7 comfortably.

If you follow the class video step by step You will live in a dimension you never imagined You'll have an amazing experience!

For your awake consciousness, which will bloom like a lotus flower!

If you're looking forward to a chakra journey with me, please join me.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you in class.


Creator Omgo Mukta Dream






This is Om Gomuk Ta, who will guide you to the world of chakra yoga and meditation. I will be your voice of guidance for freedom. ^^

I've been exploring the world through art since I was very young. I became convinced of the invisible world from the abstract world advanced through art, but I was lost in the bridle of unanswered questions for a long time.

I learned about the existence of “chakras” through yoga during the most confusing time.

Strong questions about the inner world triggered the awakening of the chakra, and through the awakening of the primordial energy called “kundalini,” which is the vitality of the universe sleeping inside, I began to see the invisible world firsthand by experiencing the unity of man and the universe.

I am doing the practice of learning about the real world through learning about infinity that comes from cosmic consciousness.

Anyone who wants to know about the “true self” can accept the light of cosmic consciousness through the chakras and become aware of the reality of true existence.

With Om Gomuk Ta

I hope to move forward to true freedom through limitless learning of cosmic consciousness.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti!

(May peace fill you and the whole universe!)

옴 고묵 따 스쿨

옴 고묵 따 스쿨



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