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Skills You’ll Learn

Diet hacking skills you can use for a lifetime

I want to eat~ I learn the principles of a body that won't make you fat for a lifetime while eating.

Experience changes in your body through the Harvard Diet Diary

You'll learn how to lose weight twice as fast as others with proven methods.

Lose weight spontaneously by practicing the 4 principles of separation and formulation

Learn exactly the 4 hidden principles of a 25kg weight loss diet and put them into practice.

Breaking the healthy food seal with 40 separate recipe recipes

Learn 40 sustainable recipes that meet the 4 rules of separation and formulation.

Please listen only to those who want to lose weight with healthy “food”.

Hallo It's a dolphin fit.

Weight 77 kg, It was quite difficult for quite a long time due to depression, popular skin disorder, bulimia, and lethargy. Every day seemed dark.

In the meantime, my life changed. I changed one of my eating habits, but it was more than I imagined.

How important do you think eating habits are in our lives?

MBC 기분좋은날 방송 출연_식단으로 25kg 감량!

▶ ︎ MBC < Pleasant day> Broadcast appearance_Lose 25kg with diet!

Would you agree if it was as important as breathing? I think so. This is because just as we can't live without breathing, the state of our body varies greatly from one diet to another.

Just as breathing is natural and familiar every day, my eating habits, which I used to taking for granted every day, continued to make me obese. You know that.

How to eat food is so important, why haven't we learned it properly? If I had known this 10 years ago, I think I would have lived a life where I loved myself with a healthy and beautiful body. For the past 10 years, I lived in a state of depression and self-interest due to diet... We want to save your money and time.

MBC <기분좋은날> Broadcast appearance 1

MBC <기분좋은날> Broadcast appearance 2

MBC <기분좋은날> Broadcast appearance 3

▶ ︎ MBC <Pleasant Day> Broadcast appearance

In the past 2 years, 1000 people have experienced the effects of the blended diet that I will tell you about in this class, and they have lost an average of 10 kg or more. Requests for interviews have also come in from various broadcasts, and offers for appearances have come in.

I now really eat all the foods I want to eat, and maintain a slim body without having to worry about diet itself. How was that possible?

This is because I figured out the principles of separation and formulation.

도저히 믿어지지 않는 25kg 감량 식단

▶ ︎ Unbelievable 25 kg weight loss diet

There are countless varieties of food in the world. Once you live your life, it's good to eat all the delicious things, right? If you learn only when and how to eat, you can live a pleasant life where you can enjoy the taste and texture of food without accumulating toxins in your body, while taking in the nutrients you need.

I can wear the clothes I want to wear comfortably without worrying about it, and I don't feel depressed or worry about my diet anymore because of my weight.

This diet class is conducted on a “diet” basis only.

클래스 수강하고 가져갈 3가지 선물! (분리배합 식단법, 식단일기 템플릿, 다이어트 챌린지)

▶ ︎ 3 gifts to take with you after taking the class! (Combination diet method, diet diary template, diet challenge)

Dolphit's diet is based solely on a 'diet'. To be more precise How to eat foodLearning Formulated Meal Diet ClassIt's. If you learn how to eat a combination diet and keep a diet diary for 30 days, you can create your own diet that won't make you fat for a lifetime. Are you looking forward to it?

The first diet, 'split' - the easiest and happiest way to get rid of toxins from the body

분리식1_ 달콤한 과일들 무제한으로 먹고 감량 가능

▶ ︎ Separate formula 1_ You can eat an unlimited amount of sweet fruits and lose weight

분리식2_국수, 빵, 고기 때문에 다이어트 실패하는 분들께 강추!

▶ ︎ Separate Meal 2_Recommended for those who fail to diet because of noodles, bread, or meat!

 분리식3_간단하고 건강하게 집에서 만드는 식단

▶ ︎ Separable Meal 3_Simple and healthy homemade diet

Second diet, “blended diet” - a way to build a body without dieting

배합식1_ 음식 비율에 따라 달라지는 몸과 마음

▶ ︎ Formulation 1_ Body and mind vary depending on food ratio

배합식2_ 간단하게 요리하면서 요리천재 되는 법

▶ ︎ Formulation 2_ Simple way to become a culinary genius while cooking

배합식3_분리배합 다이어트 홈베이킹 완전 정복

▶ ︎ Formulation 3_Complete conquest of mixed diet home baking

And through the above diet I am I maintain a waist circumference of 24 inches and visceral fat of 2 or less. There is another reason why this was possible, Because I wrote a “Natural Hygiene Diet Diary”This is it.

What is the Natural Hygiene Diet Diary or Harvard Diet Diary?

실제로 수업에서 제공할 하버드 식단일기 템플릿 세트

▶ ︎ A set of Harvard diet diary templates that will actually be provided in class

In Dolphit's class, I'll teach you how to properly write a diet diary and a magical template, a method that has been proven through years of research at Harvard Medical School:) I hope you will definitely experience the effects of becoming slimmer by itself through this class.

In fact, in the past two years Over 1,000 people have lost weight because of this habit. There are too many people who have lost as little as 5 kg or more as much as 20 kg or more.

1,000건 이상의 후기가 증명합니다!

1,000건 이상의 후기가 증명합니다! 2

▶ ︎ More than 1,000 reviews prove it!

Even at the moment I'm reading this article, there are about 100 diet buddies Learn the principles of separation and formulation, and keep a diet diaryAnd I'm losing weight. Formulated Diet+ Natural Hygiene Harvard Diet Diary. I'm sure these two things will change your life.

Not only will you experience weight loss, you'll also face a healthier and cleaner self every day.:)

▶ ︎ Combined diet vs. regular diet

and Diet and diet diary Keep having fun To be able to record My own diet space I'll provide it to you.

What to do, (diet method)

How to do it, (How to keep a diet diary)

Where can I get to the end, (challenge meeting)

I'll give you all three of these.

더이상의 요요와 폭식은 없다! 분리배합 다이어트!

▶ ︎ No more yo-yo and gluttony! Separated diet!

 분리배합 클래스만의 특별함?

▶ ︎ What's unique about the Formulation Class?

  • Based on proven natural hygiene theory where more than 1000 people have already succeeded in losing weight
  • Developed based on papers, books, and research results from world-renowned scholars
  • There are no side effects because it is a food-only solution
  • A lifelong collection of 40 recipe books for a diet that can apply the rules of separation and formulation to everyday life
  • Learn the basic principles of weight loss and find a way to maintain weight loss that suits you





It is Dolphit who works as a weight loss coach for a separate diet.

I'd like to share the magical effects of the Harvard Diet Diary and the combination diet method.

Even if you follow a few rules, you can lose up to 8 kg in 30 days.

If you maintain this habit, you can lose more than 15 kg, 20 kg, or 25 kg steadily.

combination diet method,

The principle is that if you separate it well and mix it well, you will lose weight by itself.

We've also prepared lots of tasty and filling special recipes that you can easily apply.

It is a recipe machine that uses the principle of separation and formulation, so you can keep it for a lifetime and use it.

Then, while taking a diet class, we'll do a 30-day challenge together.

Together, let's live a happier life while solving diet concerns.

We encourage everyone to return to a slim fit.

다이어트하고 유지하자

다이어트하고 유지하자



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