8 chapters · 5 hours 48 minutes
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7 Class Projects

It takes about 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • coloring book

  • Makeup ① (coloring book)

  • Makeup ② (from sketching to coloring)

  • Bust up illustration with poses

  • fashion item

  • full body pose

  • Full body pose with background

Skills You’ll Learn

Master the use of paints and brushes

You can master painting techniques while learning how to make not only single colors but also mixed colors.

How to draw a bust up and a full body

You will learn well-balanced proportions such as each composition and pose, and how to match clothes.

how to draw fashion items

By practicing the items, you will be able to draw illustrations like dress-up dolls.

The lecturer is an illustrator active in foreign high brands and fashion magazines

Jimmy Choo and Giorgio ArmaniEvent appearances by foreign-affiliated high brands, such asVOGUE JAPAN, department storesFrom illustrators who are also active in advertisement production such as,How to draw fashion illustrations with watercolorsThis is a great class where you can learn.

Beginners who have never used watercolorsand the illustration'sIntermediate people aiming to improve their skillsThe one belowThose who fit even one of the checklistsI recommend it to.

□ I like the beautiful colors of watercolor

□ I want to try using watercolors

□ I want to improve my illustration skills

□ I want to be a corporate illustrator for foreign high brands, department stores, etc.

□ I'm interested in fashion illustrations

□ I want to learn simple yet stylish tastes

□ I want to feel free to learn how to draw

□ I want to draw watercolor illustrations and connect them to work

□ I want to find a new hobby

□ Aiming to be an illustrator

Feel the beauty and serendipity of colors that can only be achieved with analog watercolor

Nice to meet you, I'm the illustrator Shinichi Honda. After becoming independent as a freelance illustrator, she drew illustrations in various media such as department store advertisements, women's magazines, fashion, and beauty.

What kind of image do you have of watercolors? Watercolors includeIt's only good because it's analogThere is.

Even if you use the same color, the finish will change drastically depending on how it smears in water and the amount of water. Also, no two gradations are the same when colors are gently mixed together.

An illustration like this can be drawn by multiplying such pale and beautiful watercolor hues with abstract methods of expression unique to fashion illustrations.

You don't need to have any watercolor experience. Drawing fashion illustrations isn't that difficult if you follow a few tips and points.

For exampleA place to add strength and weakness of lines when inserting a pen,Changes in facial expression depending on how you look or angle,When coloring, apply the lightest colors in order, and so on, etc.

Like this, “Wow, that's right!” As new discoveries and knowledge increased little by little, I thought “it's impossible for me” to “maybe I can draw a little bit myself?” Doesn't your mind change?

The lesson starts with basics such as how to use paint, coloring techniques, and how to draw sketches so that even those who touch watercolors for the first time can learn with peace of mind.

The curriculum is structured in such a way that you can level up naturally as the chapters progress, so you can proceed without difficulty.

When the number of things you can draw little by little increases day by day, from yesterday to today, and from today to tomorrow, you gain confidence and make you feel happy. After taking the course, you'll notice that you've grown a lot more than before you took the course.

The touch of the illustrations that won't fade even as the times change is attractive

Clothing trends change rapidly every day. In order to be able to respond to such changes, the lessons include thorough lectures on everything from basic drawing methods to application. While making use of simple lines and bold watercolor hues,Skills to create illustrations that won't fade even as the times changeI'm going to wear it.

Furthermore,3 patterns of portraits(face up, bust up, whole body),4 posing patternsIn addition to (bust up 1, full body 3), alonefashion itemYatrinket,backgroundssuch as,Necessary elements for drawing illustrationsI will explain each part thoroughly.

Just like playing with dress-up dolls, let's enjoy various styles of illustrations by combining poses and items!

What happens when you can draw a stylish fashion illustration?

Now imagine for a moment.

“While feeling the beauty and fun of watercolors, I draw illustrations smoothly in my spare time”The appearance of

Record your own daily outfits and fashionable fashions you've come across on the town, and upload your finished work to SNS. It's also a good idea to gently attach it to a postcard or letter you send to someone special.

... Look, aren't you a little excited?

Let's cherish that excitement and have fun drawing watercolor illustrations with me!



Shinichi Honda

Shinichi Honda

Illustrator/ Designer

Worked as a graphic designer at a design company and became independent as an illustrator in 2010. He is active in a wide range of activities, such as fashion magazines including the web, beauty magazines, makeup books, department store advertisements, foreign-affiliated brand advertisements, and portrait events, etc. with the touch of fashion illustrations using watercolor and ink.

Our main clients


Isetan Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, Hanshin Umeda Main Store,LVMH Group


[Creator Interview]

Q. What kind of activities does Mr. Honda usually do? Please introduce yourself briefly.

My work is mainly drawn in various media such as department store advertisements, women's magazines, fashion, beauty, etc. I am also in charge of portrait services at events starting with foreign brands.

Q. Please tell us about your experience and achievements so far.

 While working as a graphic designer at a design company, I started working as an illustrator in 2006. After a while of experience, I became independent as a freelance illustrator in 2010.

Starting with clearance posters for Takashimaya department stores and work for VOGUE JAPAN, I have worked on a wide range of commercial illustrations for brand advertisements, fashion magazines, beauty advertisements, etc.

Other than that, JIMMYCHOO,GIORGIO ARMANIThey perform at events hosted by foreign-affiliated brands such as Isetan Mitsukoshi and department stores such as Isetan Mitsukoshi, and draw fashion portraits of customers.

Q. What led you to become an illustrator, Honda?

I originally liked drawing pictures,I had a childhood where I was more interested in drawing than studying. The reason I decided to work in painting in earnest may have been influenced by hysterical glamour graphics and illustrations by illustrator Miyuki Morimoto, and manga artist Kiriko Gyoko.

I remember that at first it was fun to draw line drawings with only ink and brush instead of watercolor. I gradually became interested in colors from there,The free and accidental texture of line drawing and watercolor is just funI began to think that. As a result of continuing to draw in that way, I was able to get work before I knew it, and it continues to the present.

Q. Why did you offer online classes with CLASS101?

I was invited to be guided by the person in charge and listed CLASS 101I really sympathize with the philosophy of “living while doing what you love”I had it. I thought, “If my abilities can be useful to someone, I definitely want to use them,” so I decided to start the course. I'm also excited to be able to communicate with the students through the class!

Q. What points did you put the most effort into when planning the class?

 I tried to create a careful and easy-to-understand curriculum that would make people think, “If this is the case, I'd like to draw too.” The lessons cover a wide range of topics, starting with tips for handling watercolors and brushes, human body proportions unique to fashion illustrations, fantastic bleeding, and dry brush techniques. I myself have clearly told you the points that I am usually aware of, etc., but firstI want you to draw while having funI think so.

Q. Who would you recommend this class to?

I think it would be nice if I could help those who like beautiful colors of watercolors, those who are interested in how to handle transparent watercolors and how to draw fashionable women, and those who want to draw fashionable women.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class

 Don't think too hard, just feel relaxedI would be happy if you could play with watercolorThat's it. Among them, I would be happy if you could have a special experience, such as “this kind of thing about transparent watercolor is interesting,” “I was able to draw a fashionable girl, too,” and “I get beautiful colors and lines when I draw it like this.”

Q. Please give a message to the students!

 ”I would be happy if I could go beyond the boundaries of “people who teach” and “people who teach,” and share the feeling of saying “happy” and “fun” with everyone. I hope that the moment you draw will color everyone's relaxing and meaningful time.



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