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Vanilla Pixel

Create a second asset by creating NFT virtual real estate and assets in 'The Sandbox'!


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4 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Red Toe game machine characters

  • Diorama style

  • Simple poses and animations

  • Link characters to games

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the public blockchain metaverse

Learn about the ecosystem of The Sandbox, a decentralized game based on a public blockchain


Learn about Vox Edit and Game Maker, which are tools for creating avatars and backgrounds

Participate in a virtual real estate land sale

Learn how to prepare to become a land owner and participate in land sales

Safeguarding valuable assets and enhancing security

Learn how to manage PCs, protect vaccines, hard wallets, cold wallets, and seed categories


Metaverse Creator & 3D Designer

Welcome to the new Vanilla Pixel class:)

The most notable digital assets 'virtual real estate' and 'NFT'

Hello, I'm currently in class 101 Metaverse, Blender 3D CreatorThis is Vanilla Pixel, active as a year ago 3D character creation using BlenderI have launched a course related to, and currently I am communicating with my mates while maintaining 98% student satisfaction.

While preparing an existing course, I became interested in the metaverse and NFT, and I began studying cryptocurrencies on my own. When the coin market was on a downward trend around May of this year, I purchased NFT LAND from The Sandbox and made a profit of 20 times more than the current one.

Buy NFT LAND in May 2021!
-> The current profit is 20 times higher!

I'm preparing a course on investing in land or creating and monetizing assets such as backgrounds and characters using The Sandbox platform, which was recently invested by SoftBank Vision Fund, and I would like to share with you a curriculum created based on my actual experience ^^

Cryptocurrency, the first gateway to the metaverse

After the launch of the Blender 3D course, I learned about the metaverse while preparing for the next course. “Where can I actually make money by jumping in without the sound of catching a floating cloud?” With that in mind, I found The Sandbox after searching for various platforms and games.

At this place creatorI was able to find out what I should do to live with, and I came to the idea that “the only way to do economic activities is to use cryptocurrency.”

Despite the fear of a falling market in order to buy virtual real estate, which is the basis for all activities in the end, Ethereum and SandcoinsPrepare Land sale (virtual land purchase online)I participated in In the process, I learned about exchanges that manage cryptocurrencies, Metamask (wallet), gas fee (transaction fee), and Opensea (NFT trading market), and I naturally entered the metaverse ecosystem. Since these were my first experiences, it was difficult, but I began to gather relevant knowledge and data as I went through each process.

🚩 Get to know Metaverse NFT terms!

✔ MetaMask: A wallet that trades virtual currency to buy and sell NFTs

✔ Gas-fee (GAS-fee): Transaction fee incurred when trading NFT (on blockchain)

✔ Opensea: NFT online trading market

The metaverse era has just arrived

Actually, what I was preparing “Pipeline connecting Blender 3D and Unreal”It was a lecture on However, the metaverse era came faster than expected, and new courses were prepared to respond to this. One week before the start of the demand survey (November 9) Facebook changed its mission to “Meta,” and all the media began pouring out about the metaverse and NFT all at once. The prices of sand and land have soared rapidly, and the return of information and time has been greater than expected.

At one point, I had to quit my business due to COVID-19, and I started teaching in class 101 to overcome the challenges. Despite the lack of lectures, many people cheered for me, and I have been able to run with that strength until now.

Currently, I just want to deliver new information as quickly and accurately as possible to those who listen to my lectures. It's hard to be sure what direction the metaverse ecosystem called The Sandbox will unfold in the future. It's not a place where the volatility is so high and it's not easy to estimate. But what is certain is the future As we live in the metaverse era, it is a fact that knowledge about cryptocurrencies, 3D, and Voxel art will continue to exert great power in the future.

Like YouTube and smart stores

The metaverse has become a new revenue generation channel!

YouTube creatorCreators who built their own worldview by posting videos from when they weren't as famous as they are now A few million subscribersWe earn tens of millions of won every month through

Early Smart Store SellersIt's a world where people earn money while sleeping in an age where they can find various product groups and sell products on their own online markets. If you want to enter after everyone else has done it, it's not easy to generate revenue in a market that has already become Red Ocean.

That's why
A new sales channel that will become popular in the future
Metaverse and NFT from now
It's also a reason to enter ^^

Some people say that the metaverse has no substance and is simply a tool for keyword marketing, but I think you know better than me that's not the case anymore.

I know it's hard to try it on your own because of the many jargon and the fear of a new environment. However, if you open the doors of the metaverse with me and break through them one by one, at some point “Well, it wasn't a big deal, was it?”You'll feel like that.

'The Sandbox', No. 1 in NFT trading volume on the OpenSea Marketplace

Jinan Trading volume for 7 daysThis cryptopunk and BAYC hit the top spot. Expectations for the sandbox are also reflected in the marketplace. The current deal is limited to “Land and Avatar,” but I'm even more excited when I think about the various types of NFT transactions that will take place in the future.

🏆 What kind of content can I trade with NFT?

  • jpg, png, svg Images & Photos Files
  • GIF (GIF) → Typical 'memes' and 'gifs'
  • mp4, webm video files
  • mp3, wav, ogg audio files
  • glb, gltf 3D modeling files

Sell your own characters as NFTs!

The Sandbox is UGC (User Created Content)It's a sandbox game centered around. Learn about the avatar creation process through VOXEDIT, which is provided free of charge.

If you have a character you've always imagined, you can create an NFT avatar by voxeling it according to The Sandbox format. Since this is an early stage, it will be verified and issued through a create fund, but after a certain period of time, everyone will be given the opportunity.

Public blockchain and web 3.0

I don't want The SandboxThe goal is for creators to be able to earn 100% of their work. This also fits well with the direction pursued by a decentralized metaverse spread over public blockchains.

The unique value created by every individual must be recognized by the community that enjoys it, and it must go back to creators, not exclusive giant platforms. This is also Public blockchainThis is something that can be done, and this web 3.0 technology fits well with the open source ecosystem.

Making backgrounds and props ERC-1155

VOX EDITYou can decorate the space by importing props and ornaments created through. A new type of protocol ERC-1155Learn about, Game makerLearn how to create a background through. Making assets and backgrounds stand out even more lightingWe will also learn how to use.

The vision of a metaverse platform that can generate revenue!

presently Sandbox gameAn alpha test is underway, and the main economic activities are Land, Avatar, and concert ticket salesIt's happening through. If a Defi system is established in the future, land staking and financial services secured by NFT will become possible, and use this Real estate brokerage or gap investment It is expected that it will be possible to proceed with the like. Of course, leasing businesses that rent space, and economic activities through DAO (Autonomous Organizations) such as “systems” with special purposes are also possible.

Also produced by land staking Use gems and crystals to enhance the attributes of avatars and equipmentYou can do it, Produce items with high rarityYou can sell it at a time. Other than that Party, hip-hop performance, busking, art gallery, book talk, meditation Activities such as these are also being planned.

Protecting my assets as important as earning

Hackers and fishers are always looking for opportunities as money flows. Learn how to protect your assets and prevent phishing. How to manage personal PCs, and storage of vaccines, hard wallets, and seed statements I'll cover the back in more detail!

A class that reveals all the know-how to make new profits and keep assets safe in the metaverse and NFT markets! With this class alone, you too will be able to ride the metaverse and NFT waves. Let's meet in a new world!



Hi, I'm Kim Pixel, a digital creator.


The Sandbox and Public Blockchain


Valuable assets, strengthening security


Participate in virtual real estate NFT and land sales


Create your own avatar using Voxedit


Creating avatars and animations


How to use Gamemaker (Gamemaker)


Explore the NFT Marketplace


WAGMI: We All Gonna Make It


Vanilla Pixel

Vanilla Pixel

I was able to greet you again with a new class after 1 year:)

He is a digital creator currently running a Blender 3D character creation class at Class 101 and promoting the metaverse and open source ecosystem to people around him.

In this lesson, we'll look at how to generate revenue using NFT in the metaverse space called “The Sandbox.”

The Sandbox examines the usage and overall structure of game makers provided free of charge, and is planning a curriculum so that you can easily understand what you can do and what kind of economic activities you can do in the NFT-based metaverse world.

Vanillapixel Studio

I'm currently making a Pixie character called MOKUZI, and I'm focusing on NFT ART linked to Blender 3D:)


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