9 chapters · 5 hours 15 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Ballet stretches to cool the whole body

Feel the effects of posture correction with ballet stretches that awaken a stiff whole body.

Region-specific strength training for a springy silhouette

It will clean up slack, fill your inner muscles, and build a healthy body.

Various aerobic exercises to burn calories

When I exercise like dancing to classical music, the province seems to be Bye!

Find your own workout solution

Find your own workout solution with a curriculum separated by body type.

Add sophisticated Pilates to elegant ballet!

Ballarepil is the etymology of ballet 'Ballare(Dance) “and Pilates's”Pil“Together, do Pilates like dancing with classical music Ballet Pilates Program It's.

Ballet Pilates Education AssociationThe unique exercise program Ballarepil, which was directly researched and developed by, uses Pilates props, ballet bars, and the bare body in a variety of ways stretchinget strength training and Aerobic exerciseThis is going on.

If you want to regain health and beauty for all ages!

There are no restrictions on gender or age for ballarepil, An exercise that everyone who wants to maintain their health or regain their beauty can do together. If you need a healing time to fill your inner beauty as well as various external effects such as body shape correction, weight loss, muscle strengthening, and physical fitness improvement, ballarepil can help you.

An exercise you can easily enjoy anytime, anywhere!

더발라레필 논현점 수업 모습

Since ballarepil consists of repeating simple movements of ballet and pilates, there are no space restrictions, so you can easily exercise at home.

If you have no ballet experience, this is a great opportunity to easily start ballet, and for those who are doing ballet, you can improve the completeness of the movements by strengthening the strength of each part.

You learn these things in the Ballarepil class

It is the most popular prop in the ballarepil class, and exercises are performed for each part. It will make a slim and firm line From stretching to strength training I've got it all. In fact, we carefully selected popular class contents that showed the highest effectiveness and organized them in various difficulty levels. Also, enjoy new fun with beautiful ballet Pilates moves that you learn along with classical music!

I will provide you with a ballarepil planner as if the teacher is always next to you

A ballarepil planner will be provided to classmates who take the ballarepil course.

Before starting the class, set your own Course goals and Course plan. If you plan ahead about how many times a week and how many courses you should take per day, More regular and harmonious exerciseYou'll be able to do it.

While carrying out the missions given to each lecture Mission checklistPlease also complete it. If you carry out the planned plan and the given mission Before long, you'll be able to achieve your fitness goals:)

I would like to introduce you to Chari Sam, an arok tutor who will vividly deliver ballarepil!

Hello, I'm Chari Sam and Alok Tutor, a ballarepil:)

Since we were college alumnus majoring in ballet , we were very interested in popularization of ballet with the physical health of adults. After graduation, we taught ballet to various subjects and studied Pilates together. We've been working on Ballet Pilates Program Development.

The elegant movement of ballet upon Sophisticated muscle use in Pilates In addition, I hope that ballet can be a healthy and beneficial exercise for more people as an intersection of art and movementballarepilI developed a program called.

For the development of the balalefill program Ballet Pilates Education AssociationIt has been established and is continuously researching, The Bala Refill Nonhyeon Branch, Unjeong Branch, Seokchon Branch 3 points, THE HYUNDAI SEOUL CH1985I am teaching a bala refill class through. All of the know-how gained through numerous offline lectures was incorporated into Class 101 lessons.

We hope that more people will find beauty, health, and the value of loving themselves more through bala refill, and we will always be with you anytime, anywhere!



The Ballarepil

The Ballarepil

Hello ballarepil Alok Tutor, Chari Tutor It is:)

Ballet is a fascinating but difficult art. So while we were thinking about an easier and healthier way to enjoy ballet, we decided to incorporate Pilates!

The elegant movement of balletupon Sophisticated use of muscles in PilatesBy adding, Intersection of art and movementAs a result, we have planned a program called “Ballet Refill” in the hope that ballet will be a healthy and beneficial exercise for more people.

“Ballarepil” is a proper noun implying our identity created by combining the etymology “ballare (ballare),” which means “to dance,” and “Pil (Pil),” which stands for Pilates. Under the slogan “Adding the elegance of ballet to the sophistication of Pilates,” we are continuously researching and interacting with many people in various spaces so that they can enjoy it more easily and healthily.

Ballet continuously holds the inner thigh muscles, buttocks, and abdominal muscles through a turn-out (outward rotation of the hip joint), and develops the upper and lower body muscles for a long and smooth period. Pilates strengthens core muscles by focusing on breathing and develops long, thin muscles rather than large and short muscles. Unlike other exercises that develop visible muscles, ballet and pilates are great exercises for those who want a slim line by developing firm muscles from invisible inner muscles!

We want to get closer to the public through a “ballarepil” program that combines the advantages of ballet and pilates!

Let's build a healthy and beautiful body with us ❤







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