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LINE manga serial artist talks about webtoon production

This time, which is the third installment of LINE Manga presents webtoon101, LINE Manga says “This kid is my younger brother.” We invited Maruyama Mamana, who is currently serializing, and asked her about webtoon production. Continuing from the second installment, voice actor Tokui Aozora was invited as an interviewer, and they took on the challenge not only of interviews but also of actual webtoon production.

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Second installment:[Tokui Aozora appearing!] LINE MANGA PRESENTS WEBTOON 101 Vol. 2

Maruyama Mana says, “I don't feel a big difference in production between paper and webtoons,” but it seems that the readership has greatly expanded since advancing into webtoons. Maruyama Mana, who is very active in webtoons, also says that there was a time when she didn't know the “correct answer in webtoons” at first.

Even after such a period, Maruyama Mana continues to create stories that resonate with her readers while making use of their voices. Listening to the production process of creating a story that resonates with you based on your personal experiences will surely stimulate your desire to create.

Expected effects after taking the course

  • You can hear the live voice of the webtoon writer.
  • I understand the appeal of creating webtoons with a small number of people.
  • WebtoonI know the production process and key points.

Recommended for people like this

  • Those who are interested in drawing manga and webtoons
  • Those who want to work in painting and those who want to expand their range of creative activities
  • People who work in the webtoon industry/people who want to take on challenges in the future

3 reasons why this class is special

I can hear the live voice of the webtoon writer

There are plenty of live voices of Maruyama Mana, who debuted from LINE Manga Indies. They talked about a wide range of topics, from how they moved from paper media to webtoons, to the actual webtoon production process.

② Do you know the appeal of webtoon production

The appeal of webtoons is that they are said to be “close to readers.” While impressions and comments from readers directly reach the artist, we asked Maruyama Mana, who has replaced them with a “motivation switch,” to tell us about the fun of creating webtoons.

③ Relive the experience while actually drawing one frame of the webtoon

Practical explanation while actually drawing 1 frame of the webtoon from name to finish. What, “This kid is my younger brother.” While actually drawing the scene where Tokui Aozora appears in the world, Tokui Aozora herself took on the challenge of coloring. You can also naturally understand how to apply strength and weakness when applying color, and points that should be applied carefully.



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