9 chapters · 6 hours 45 minutes
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Using we.vers tapestries and various threads
7 Class Projects

It takes about 5 hours to 16 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Key ring (14 cm without ring)

  • Scenery (approx. 7 x 15 cm excluding scenery)

  • Candle cover (7.5 x 24 cm)

  • Lemon Angel Tea Coaster (12.5 x 12 cm with fringe)

  • Blue Angel Tea Coaster (13 x 12 cm with fringe)

  • Fringed mini table runner (12.5 x 12 cm with fringe)

  • Mini plush table runner (17.5 x 9.5 cm)

Skills You’ll Learn

From the basics of weaving to unique ribbon weaving

Understand weaving and learn new ribbon weaving techniques.

Applying various materials

You can find out how to apply materials of various colors and textures.

design your own ribbon weaving

Learn how to apply designs based on the basics of ribbon weaving.

Finishing method with a high degree of perfection

You can learn finishing methods that vary depending on the purpose of the work.

On a small, transparent tapestry,

I enjoy weaving brightly colored ribbons.

Two weavers (weavers, weavers) meet to unravel a new weaving story We.vers (Weavers)It's. While studying textile weaving in the UK, I met many artists, their work, and activities. Classic Craftsman The new facets and appeal of weavingI was able to find a lot of, and one of them was Ribbon weavingIt's.

Ribbon weaving using a variety of materials in a unique wayis a fun weaving technique that allows you to find the right result no matter what you imagine. So that many people can easily enjoy ribbon weaving secretI would like to greet you with class 101 like this.

For those who are new to weaving, and those who have already experienced weaving We have carefully organized everything from what to prepare to the curriculum so that you can easily enjoy ribbon weaving.

Learn ribbon weaving with we.vers and make accessories suitable for all parts of real life:)

To a tapestry that never existed in the world

Weave your own weaving creations.

We.vers I put the most effort into preparing for the online class. Self-made tapestries you won't find anywhere elseIt's. The acrylic tapestry, which sparkles with bright colors, satisfies the aesthetic sense of beauty just by watching.

It's worth collecting on its own, and just standing it in a place with good sunlight is enough Use as an interior objectIt's also possible.

I wanted to provide a unique yet attractive weaving experience that cannot be experienced with commonly found tapestries. The tapestry color and design are also painstakingly producedI did, From the spacing between the gaps in the frame to the configuration of the base, shuttle, comb, etc. We carefully prepared each tapestry to make it the most satisfying.

Traditional ribbon-weaving workshops are conducted using large looms. This tapestry was born after thinking over and over again so that many people could meet ribbon weaving through online classes. It is possible to weave ribbons that require detailed work We.versSelf-made tapestry of! I'm going to give you a unique weaving experience.

We.vers Tapestry The size of an iPad is about 11 inchesIt's perfect for carrying and working freely. Work comfortably while carrying threads and tapestries anywherePerfect to be able to do it dust bagWe will also give it to you.

It's no fun to just work with thread,

Use a variety of ingredients to your heart's content.

Silk & nylon braid, thin cotton yarn, thick cotton yarn, thick wool yarn, jute, and even a very pretty see-through ribbon! These are all materials you'll encounter in this class.

You were able to weave with such a variety of materials? You'll be surprised to do that. Using different threads and materials for the same design has a completely different appealThe appeal of weaving is to show. In this class, you can find lots of threads and materials of various colors and materials that will stimulate your imagination.

Most of the yarn handled by we.vers is sold overseasI'm doing it. I am most satisfied with the quality and colorI made a lot of effort to find a thread I could do and deliver it to you.

Also, based on a color palette so that various colors can blend well with each other Choose colors that are highly versatileI'll send it to you.

Special threads and materials not easily foundMeet us through this class!

What if you want to work freely with materials of a variety of colors in addition to the basic thread and materials? Another color collection with additional componentsTake a look at. We have prepared additional rooms and materials so that you can select and purchase colors according to the series.

You'll be able to complete the weaving you imagine!

Turn my house into a living room selection shop

Suggest 7 fascinating works

This class Organize the curriculum so that you can use a different color thread for each chapterI did. Also, Starting with an easy method, the area gradually expands, and various ribbon weaving designs I took care so that you could enjoy it. For each chapter design patternI'll give you Not familiar with weaving or trying for the first time Even if you're a beginner, it's easy You'll be able to follow along.

These are works that you will start by learning techniques with a light heart. No matter where you put it, it is a unique key ring and a landscape that will decorate the air with the sky flying over the sky. It's a simple task, but Understand and practice the basics of ribbon weavingIt's perfect for doing it.

While making a candle cover, we'll learn how to work with two lines. Also, you can also think about how to arrange the colors together.

While making tea coasters with two different designs, I'll experience the blue and lemon color series, and build up my ribbon-weaving skills even stronger.

As you progress through the chapters, your skills will grow, and the difficulty of finishing the work will also increase! The cute fringed tea coaster is one of the fruits you will encounter in the process of growing up.

It is a mini table runner that will stand out on the table by placing small items on it. As you complete the two table runners with different designs and different materials, you will feel that your ribbon weaving skills will grow dramatically.

Don't stop at creating along.

Even your own ribbon weaving design!

Everyone who learned the basics of ribbon weaving thoroughly while taking the class, and learned how to use various materials and even difficult techniques! Now Weaving your own ribbonsI'm ready to make.

we.vers wants to show you in detail how to design ribbon weaving and what materials and how to use them to support your challenges. Provides a design organized in the form of a fileIn addition to doing it, I will also show you the process of creating other works using additional threads.

All you need is an unobstructed imagination. If you don't limit your imagination, such as straightening a weaving made of a candle cover and using it as a table runner, or using it as a candle cover with a round finish that used to be a key ring Ribbon weaving is inexhaustibleYou can do it.

There are many kinds of threads and materials in the world, and there are countless patterns and designs! Tell your own weaving story based on what you've learned with we.vers. I'll be waiting:)





Hallo VERS and we.vers came together because it would be nice if there was a place where two weavers (weavers) could have a deep and fun meeting about weaving in Korea. VERS is a textile studio, and if it shows art pieces that reflect our dream textile work, and experimental textile work where past and present coexist, we.vers was created to showcase fun weaving.

Here, you can relax and enjoy our ribbon workshops and different weaving techniques. In particular, since ribbon work is unfamiliar, it was created considering practicality, suitability, and beauty through hundreds of tests over several months in order to be easily accessible to students. I saw a variety of students during the offline class, and even with the same design, they showed their own unique work, so we are happy to be in love with the class.

So I'm looking forward to creating a new ribbon story with the students through this online class 💫

Happy Fever!



we.vers blog

we.vers blog

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