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As a basic baking tool
2 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 2 and a half hours to complete one class project.

  • Cookies decorated with three-color traffic lights

  • Brown Sugar Sabre Chocolate Cookie

Skills You’ll Learn

The principle of cookie recipes

I make it while learning why I need to follow this recipe to get the flavor I want

Characteristics of Sabre and Goodeok cookies

Learn how important the process is for each type of cookie while making two cookies with opposite charms

Home Baking Beginner Escapes!

A class that gives wings to the baking skills that have always been hovering

At the moment when baking alone was too difficult and frustrating, A moment when I was heartbroken and disappointed about why my cookies were like this. If you've tried home baking, you've probably experienced it at least once. Skills that don't seem to increase even if you follow them as they appear on the internet, and if you change very small, basic points, you can jump in at once!

It's over in 2 hours! Learn from the principles in an easy-to-understand manner

Proper baking basics

Thanks to years of practical know-how and teaching experience, I have learned the failure factors and points! Pointing out classI have prepared it. We have prepared a menu to build confidence so that even those who have never tried baking can get started in a fun and easy way.

How to properly make the most of the soft texture

Mastering Sabre, the cookie of cookies

When it comes to baking, the results vary greatly depending on the method, temperature, etc. What recipe should I use to get a classic, mild flavor, and why! Let me explain the principle. Instead of looking at a recipe and following it as it is, If you know what ingredients are added to get this flavor, it's easier to get the flavor you want even when making other menus!

Chewy and crunchy at the same time!

Conquer cookies that make great gifts

There are many people who like to give homemade desserts as a gift, right? Learn about beautiful cookies that will leave you amazed as soon as you receive them. We will reveal all at once how to get a tasty and beautiful color, and how to knead and bake properly.

Baking that knows why is so much more fun and delicious!



How to make a three-color traffic light cookie


Making Sabre chocolate cookies




Hello, I'm Grace, a patissier who loves desserts.

I love eating sweets so much that I went to a specialized department and have enjoyed making sweets until now. This class is like me People who love desserts so much that they want to make their own desserts and eat themWith the field Those who have started baking and are worried about giving up because it's too difficultWe've prepared it to make it easier and less difficult to let them know.

I also experienced a lot of trial and error, 'Why not? ' I would like to make it while thinking and share the answers I found in it with all of you so that we can enjoy baking together.

We have prepared a lot of tips so that you can thoroughly build up your basic skills and enjoy a fun baking experience by refining them step by step from the basics.

Don't think too hard, try it out! Grace will share the joy of sharing with the patissier.


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