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Skills You’ll Learn

Sustainable healthy diet management

I'll tell you all about “natural plant foods” that make you lose weight even if you eat a lot.

2-day detox to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body

Before we begin, I'll tell you a detox recipe to help you get rid of toxins and manage swelling.

Simple & Easy Natural Plant-based Core Diet

We'll show you everything from shopping for the most basic natural plant-based diet to preparing a diet.

Tasty and easy to prepare natural plant-based diet

It's going to make a difference to a diet you might get tired of. It's made up of tasty and healthy recipes.

Breathing meditation and yoga flow that even beginners can follow

You'll learn breathing meditation to develop inner strength and yoga to help the body circulate.

An exercise routine that effectively shapes the desired body line

Here are some routines for each part that can make a firm and beautiful body line.

A healthy and tasty diet after a natural plant diet

I'll show you healthy recipes based on a natural diet that includes ingredients of animal origin.

Why is diet always

Will Jongshim end in 3 days?

Hello, Kim Yoon-joo of Withers Kelly, who runs a wellness health YouTube channel It's.

I am Lose a total of 13 kg through the “21 Day Natural Plant Challenge”I did, and I'm still maintaining a healthy body. Good health for everyone through this class I would like to generously share all of the know-how and healthy recipes for a successful diet.

My life has changed a lot and my quality of life has improved through the 'Natural Botanic Diet 21-Day Challenge'. Above all I was able to continue by changing the unruly word “diet” to “healthy habits.” Everyone too While you're with me, you'll create sustainable healthy habits rather than a diet that ends in 3 days.

why? Is it a 21-day challenge?

According to research results, it takes at least 21 days to develop a habit. So I started the 21-day challenge with the intention of holding on to even a minimum amount of habit-building time, but as I progressed, I only struggled for 3 weeks when I could give up, so I felt really easy to participate. So I continued for 21 days.

21 day secret recipe,

Just follow along!

A healthy diet, you think it won't taste good? Or do you think they'll only eat grass?

I'll tell you my own secret recipe so that you can enjoy natural plant-based food as deliciously as possible. You can create healthy eating habits just by following them for 21 days. All students attending the class will be provided with a PDF file containing the full 21-day recipe as a lesson note!

💝Secret recipe pdf provided💝

*This is a special pdf file for class buyers only.

21-day meal only open to class studentsWe will also provide you with an empty calendar so that you can make your own 21-day diet with!

Be sure to prepare for detox first!

Before starting the 21-day Natural Plant Diet Challenge with me, I'm going to have 3 days of detox time to get rid of swelling and toxins. Let's prepare a healthy body base through various fruit detox juice recipes!

Even Korean food that seems to be high in calories

Healthy and tasty

Do you think Korean food is as burdensome as it is when dieting? I'll relieve you of all those worries! I also prepared a lot of healthy and tasty Korean food recipes that are not burdensome, and I will also be responsible for the taste so much that I won't think of Cheating Day for 21 days!

Everyone's body is different.

Let's find your own health habits.

I run the “21 Day Natural Plant Challenge” once or twice a year, and as I progressed through the challenge, I found my own style. If I showed you a challenge that I did for myself on YouTube, in this class Focusing on all of you, I'm going to bring my experiences together to share with you. I hope that even after the 21-day challenge is over, you will be able to form a habit that fits your body on your own!

And unwavering through yoga and meditation How to Build Your Own Inner PillarI'm going to learn. Through breathing meditation, I was able to look at myself objectively, the things I like, things I want to do, etc. A life where I am the main bodyI received great help in leading. Of course, my broken self-esteem also went up a lot How to live a life where I am the protagonist nowI was able to learn.

Let's get back our lowered self-esteem!

I started running a brunch cafe in Jeju when I was a little early in my 20s. I spent 7 years prioritizing cafes over me because I was greedy for success. At one point, when I looked back at myself, I had gained a lot of weight and my mind was very tired. I don't think I knew how to take care of me back then.

I definitely heard that I would never be able to lead a happy life like this, so I made a commitment to reflect on myself through diet. though When I failed to diet for 3 days every time, and my self-esteem fell as it got lower I came across a natural plant-based diet, I was able to find myself healthier and stronger in body and mind while taking on the natural botanical diet challenge.

I'm tired of “diet” and now I'm out of school!

Through this class To improve the quality of life and graduate from a diet! Also, I'll help you manage your lifestyle continuously. It is said that people make habits, but those habits make people. I believe that through this class, you will also form better habits and find a healthy and energetic life balance!



With us Kelly

With us Kelly

Hello, I'm Kelly who runs the YouTube WitherSkelly channel. My life went through so many changes, starting with a natural plant-based diet, but in my 20s, I kept looking ahead and running, and at some point I had health problems, and I began to gain weight rapidly. I tried countless diets, but I always gave up or failed, and my self-esteem dropped day by day. In the meantime, I started a natural plant-based diet, and I was able to keep up with my diet as well as my inner world.

Now I'm a person who actively leads my life by finding things I like while maintaining a healthy balance of life. I would like to share with you a routine that can make you healthy and strong not only for your diet but also for your inner world.



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