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Fresh natural plant-based ingredients
48 Class Projects

It takes about 15 to 35 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • There are people who have never eaten cucumber gimbap, but no one eats it only once

  • Happy bibimbap

  • Vegetable mushroom bowl

  • Natural botanical plate

  • Grapefruit cut by grain

  • Korean side dishes

  • Rice thief radish stew

  • Delicious plating

  • Bite-sized tofu stew

  • Miso stew that is always delicious

  • Brown rice vegetable porridge

  • An all-purpose sauce with a selection of side dishes

  • Muddled with garland chrysanthemum

  • Carrot lappe

  • Homemade pickles

  • blueberry smoothie

  • Beet smoothie

  • All-purpose soy sauce pickled in sesame leaves

  • Minari-cho sauce

  • Soimayo

  • Stewed potatoes

  • Stir-fried eggplant with perilla

  • Restaurant secret recipe balsamic dressing

  • Super simple 100% wholemeal bread with a savory charm

  • Bibimbap gimbap

  • Detox soup

  • Pumpkin soup

  • Grilled meat with fresh mushrooms

  • Celery leaf with miso

  • Crispy lotus root stew

  • Seaweed sauce

  • Beet soy sauce noodles

  • Super simple namul side dish

  • Raw kohlrabi vegetables

  • Cucumber sandwich

  • Kale sambap

  • Cabbage sambap

  • Grilled eggplant with miso

  • Watermelon peel sauce

  • Minari sauce

  • Carrot bread

  • Hummus cup

  • carrot juice

  • Carrot bowl

  • Whole-wheat cracker canapes

  • Restaurant secret recipe tomato spaghetti

  • Set up for a home party

  • Cheating Day flavored ramen

Skills You’ll Learn

Research on losing weight healthily and staying away from disease

Don't go on an ignorant diet! A funny story that breaks false myths

Culinary creativity

It fosters creativity to make multiple dishes from one ingredient.

Diet to slim down for 33 days

Just follow along without worrying about the diet!

Brunch cafe-like plating

I want to put the ingredients I cooked on a plate in a tasty and presentable way.

The habit of living a slim and healthy life

Let's start a habit-building project to live a healthy and slim life.

33days detox - 33 challenge!

Are you lost and stopped in the midst of unreliable information about diets?

Recent news from trusted scientists on what, why, and how we need to eat to be slim and healthy Based on research results immediacy practiceI will guide you on the definitive path obtained by doing so.

Creator 'Vegemirim(Vegimirim)” is 8 with a loved oneI have been running a brunch cafe for a yearand directly Menu development and cookingI'm doing it. As much as I had to get paid to sell food, my sense of responsibility grew, so I was always studying while developing new things and understanding the needs of customers. The best diet is a “natural plant diet”I came to realize that.

'Natural botanical'There are probably many people who are unfamiliar with the term.

It's not just a grass-fed diet! It's not an unsustainable diet where you have to eat a little to keep an eye on your hunger. Minimize the intake of refined foods and processed foods with good ingredients Easy, tasty, healthy You can eat it.

I went to the car wash and did a thorough bubble wash and internal car wash, but I really didn't care about the inside of my body, right? Let's do 33 days of cleaning blood vessels, cleaning waste products accumulated in fat, cleaning inflammation, and cleaning our bodies that we haven't been able to clean before!

Don't go on an ignorant diet!

Natural plant diet How to keep our bodies healthy and lose weight I'll tell you the principles and join me Looking at the marketFrom Material careHow to do it, for a long time safekeepingHow to do it, simple Cook easilyHow to do it, what dietHow to eat, if you are an office worker lunchboxHow to prepare for, eating out, etc. DinnerHow to eat at a seat, etc. A realistic way to actI'll let you know.

Don't worry about your diet!

We will suggest all the 33-day meals and give you tips on how to dress up in a short time in a busy and busy modern society.

And above all Form a habit to live a full life without gaining weightplayable '33 Day Challenge'It's about doing it with me. You can live the way you've lived for the next 33 years, or you can get deceived and start living a slim and energetic life with me for 33 days.





Living with a loved one and a dog, small Brunch cafewith watercolours This is the person who runs the workshop. I already run a brunch cafe and do watercolor lessons 5 times a week 'Natural botanical'When I did The energy is still there Eat three full meals on a natural plant-based diet in class 101 '33 Challenge' We are preparing to open classes.

After 8 years of making and selling food and constantly developing menus and studying nutrients, I realized that the best diet is “natural plant food.” I spent months developing natural plant-based recipes and building healthy habits in order to experiment with my own body '33 days detox'While doing, I am living my life with a more energetic and relaxed mind than ever before. Losing weight is extra, eating a natural plant diet, and practicing healthy habits these days My body and mind are lighter, but my life is richI would like to share Jin's know-how.









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