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Class introduction

Do you have any concerns about improving your golf skills, such as placement equipment in a golf swing, swing maneuverability, and upper and lower body separation? Experience an efficient and effective new training method with Stick Mobility, chosen by many professionals in the global market! Stick mobility is an exercise that uses a sturdy stick with orange stiffness and elasticity. Using the unique strong properties of sticks, it is possible to improve the flexibility, strength, and neuromuscular function of the whole body by effectively extending the range of motion and generating tension beneficial to the body. Born in California, USA, Stick Mobility ™️ is a training system suitable for everyone, from exercise professionals to the general public and professional athletes.

In this class, I focused on the content of the class in the field of golf in order to improve my golf skills. Ultimately, stick mobility training systems that emphasize maneuverability and rotational movement can have a very positive impact on golf performance. Experience improving the functionality of your swing by performing strength training and stretching movements using the principles of stick mobility at various difficulty levels.

Course effect

1. More effective mobility can be obtained than conventional exercise methods.

2. You can improve your golf swing through professional training methods.

3. It is possible to improve step by step through learning at various levels of difficulty.

Recommended Class Eligibility

1. Those who want to improve their golf skills

2. Those who usually feel stiff in their joints and need a deep stretch

3. Those who need a strong foundation for better movement

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ Intensive swing training method performed by golf professionals

A golf swing consists of movements such as thoracic rotation, hip rotation, lateral flexion between the body and the whole body, and forward and posterior shoulder blades. If these movements ensure proper maneuverability, it is possible to create a better swing. Joint range of motion, stability, and neuromuscular control ability are the most important factors for mobility, and stick mobility can be used to efficiently secure and improve the basic mobility that makes up a golf swing.

❷ Training with Korea's Stick Mobility Master Kim Tae-ha

It is a class that fully captures the know-how of Kim Tae-ha, a master of exercises specializing in mobility, such as animal flow and kettlebells, who majored in sports medicine. By melting years of teaching know-how, I covered a variety of difficulty perspectives so that not only golf professionals but also novice golfers can follow along.

❸ You can achieve your desired training goals

It is a course that combines all targets, such as intermediate students who want to get better at exercising, and exercise instructors. Mobility sticks are a very effective tool for improving maneuverability, increasing stability, and increasing strength. It is also suitable for improving performance, reducing the risk of injury, and exercising for a speedy recovery. Everyone from personal trainers, physical therapists, athlete trainers, pilates experts, and non-professional people can use mobility to achieve their desired goals.



Taeha Kim

Taeha Kim

Eight years ago, I came across a photo and video on social media of a man holding a curved rod and creating a logical and at the same time beautiful movement. I was instantly fascinated by attending the first stick mobility training held in San Jose (San Jose), California, and that's how I became the first stick mobility coach in Asia. Since then, he has continued to work to spread stick mobility, and is currently working to spread stick mobility not only in Korea but also in various Asian countries as the only stick mobility master in Korea.

- Slim & Strong Personal Trainer- Bachelor of Sports Medicine, Kyung Hee University

- Master of Clinical Exercise, Dankook University Graduate School of Sports Science

- Life Sports Leader Level 3 (Bodybuilding)

- Athletic Association Individual Athletics/Clinical Athletes

- Stick Mobility Master Instructor

- Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 (FMS)

- Animal Flow Level 2 Trainer

- StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 2 Instructor

- Completed the advanced course “Dynamic Movement Based on Motion Analysis” (KEMA Advanced)

- Golf Fitness Professional (NASM)

- Present) CEO of Daily Training

- Co-CEO of Seoul Kettlebell & Babel

- Fitclub Seoul Personal Trainer

- Hotel Shilla Bant Fitness Instructor

- Slim and strong personal trainer



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