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About the class

Hello, I'm Jang Jin-woo.

Starting with “Jang Jin-woo Restaurant” on Gyeongridan-gil in 2011, over the past 12 years, we have opened more than 200 restaurants with different concepts across the country.

More than 100 of these stores have been closed due to rapid changes in fashion, intense competition in the catering industry, and various operational issues. In commercial areas and alleys in various regions over a long period of time In the process of opening many restaurants With the know-how I've learned, I have experienced both success and failure I'd like to share my experience with Class101 students. I hope that not only the students who are preparing to start a restaurant business through my class, but also many classmates who have vague goals but are hesitant to take on the challenge will gain some courage.

Course effect

  • Here are some important things to consider when starting a restaurant.
  • You can find out the whole process of starting a business and its approximate cost in advance.
  • You can learn how to deal with difficult situations, big and small, that occur before and after starting a business.
  • You can analyze commercial areas and learn the criteria for selecting good locations.

Recommended target

  • People who are vaguely thinking about starting a restaurant business
  • Those who have an item they have thought about but find it difficult to decide which menu to choose
  • Those who want to know the detailed preparation process for each step, including tenancy agreements, interior work, and atmosphere creation
  • People who want to prepare for the actual situations they will face before starting a business

What makes this class special

Know-how of a restaurant entrepreneur who has opened more than 200 restaurants all over the country

The restaurant business, which is ranked number one for self-employed and small business owners to start businesses due to its low barriers to entry, is easily viewed by everyone, but in reality, it is the industry with the highest rate of closure. It is an industry that is heavily influenced by high start-up capital and costs (rent, labor costs, food costs, etc.), fierce competition for survival within the commercial sector, and trends that change when you open your eyes, so it is difficult to operate and requires constant thought in order to survive for a long time.

My new and diverse attempts, which came out of such a difficult journey and time of torment, have succeeded, and sometimes failed. I hope that my experience conveying to you through class 101 will correct any misconceptions about starting a restaurant business and be a careful and correct guide.



Jinwoo Kitchen

Jinwoo Kitchen

My goal is “to create a social enterprise with food”

- Jang Jin-woo Co., Ltd. ( CEO

- Studio Well ( CEO

- Life artist, space designer, <Jang Jin Woo Restaurant> Author

- Conducted by Jang Jin-woo Entrepreneurship School (supported by Chung-Ang University, Dongjak-gu, Seoul)

- Mentoring for the tourism industry by the Korea Culture and Tourism Research Institute of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism <Jecheon Cheongpung Ho Chi Min> <Uljin Gusan Blues> <Yeosu 1923>

- Standardized development of entrepreneurial job projects for people with severe disabilities in public and private institutions <I got everything>

- Gwangju Biennale 2016 <Gwangju Poly Cookpoly Youth Entrepreneurship Education Project> Planner

- Artistic director of the National Theatre Fox Rock Festival

- Appeared in Sebashi, Maritel, SBS Special, JTBC and participated in many newspaper and magazine interviews



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